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Device Manager NX Pro

A single point of control for devices across the organization


Device Manager NX Pro makes it easy to manage and maintain a fleet of up to 5000 document output devices, including multi-site deployments.


Using the powerful administration tools included in Device Manager NX Pro, IT staff can centrally manage a large enterprise fleet, including third party and USB-connected devices in addition to Ricoh models.


A simple user-interface makes it easy to control the performance, functionality and access features of individual and groups of devices. Configuration settings can be quickly cloned across the fleet, ensuring consistency and freeing up administrative resources.


Automated reporting and billing tools provide detailed insights into device usage and performance, enabling accurate charging within the organization and a better understanding of how equipment is being used. Monitoring of device power consumption supports a more sustainable approach to device management.

  • Centrally manage up to 5000 document output devices, including Ricoh, third party and USB-connected models
  • Maintain consistent output and access polices across the entire fleet, including multi-site deployments
  • Streamline monitoring and maintenance with simple, powerful management tools
  • Accurately track the usage of resources around the organization, and ensure up-to-date reporting and billing
  • Support sustainability goals with detailed insights into device use and power consumption


Features & Benefits

  • Manage up to 5,000 document output devices across multiple locations, including Ricoh, third-party and USB-connected models 
  • Support proactive device management with status readings presented through simple user interface
  • Ensure consistent device performance with granular control of functionality, performance, behaviour and appearance
  • Gain effective insights into device usage and performance through automated reporting
  • Print Support internal accounting with automated billing based on device usage
  • Support internal accounting with automated billing based on device usage
  • Boost organizational sustainability efforts by collecting data on device power consumption