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The Ricoh Difference


Ricoh's IT services continue our proven track record of supporting the information processes that underpin effective business operations.


All our offerings are built upon Ricoh’s core values of innovation, openness and sustainability and our team’s dedication to ensuring the success of our customers’ deployments.


With Ricoh's IT services, you don’t just get access to our industry-leading technical expertise, best-in-class Service Desk capabilities, vendor relationships and extensive on-the-ground resources.


You benefit from the unique values that ensure the success of all our services:

Understanding our customers

Ricoh has an 80-year history of supporting business infrastructure. We understand the challenges facing organisations in different industries and at different stages of development.


Ricoh enables customers to choose the services that offer the greatest value for their operations. This is reinforced by the unique governance processes that are built into the delivery of all Ricoh services, providing a transparent assessment of the impact of each deployment.


Ricoh’s standardised delivery methods, developed from industry best practices including ITIL, Prince2 and Six Sigma methodologies, ensure consistent, reliable and repeatable results across local, Asia Pacific and global deployments. Our best-in-class Service Desk capabilities offers a single, accountable point of contact for customer enquiries.


Ricoh has made a long-term commitment to the sustainability of its operations and has been recognised as a global leader in driving sustainable business practices, including gaining certification to the ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems.


Our customers benefit from a partner that is committed to improving the social and environmental impact of its own operations, and can provide in-depth support for their own sustainability goals.


Since its beginnings, Ricoh has driven innovation in the technology that supports business operations. Ricoh continues to deliver pioneering solutions that improve our customers’ infrastructure and was recently included in the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators list.

A dedicated team

The final thing that sets Ricoh apart is our team’s commitment to delivering the best service and support. Across our integrated range of services, our customers benefit from the scale and reliability we can offer as a global organisation, with the dedication to achieving their goals that comes from our customer-driven ethos.