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Environmental Awards/Accolades

Green Label Certification

Green labelling (or eco-labelling) refers to a scheme which awards environment-friendly products with eco-labels.


Many consumer products in the market whether directly or indirectly, through their manufacturing processes, usage, or disposal, have an impact on our environment. They may cause pollution or deplete our natural resources.


However, there are products which have less undesirable effects on our environment. Labelling these environment-friendly products helps consumers identify them from those which are less when making purchasing decisions.

International Energy Star

Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient products and practices originated in the United States of America. Office Equipment carrying the Energy Star logo generally uses 20% - 30% less energy than required by federal standards. Energy Star program is used commonly in the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and other countries.

Green Office Certification

Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte Ltd becomes the first company to be awarded the Green Office Label on 11th November 2004. The Green Office Label is a certification that is based on the Eco-Office Rating System and attaining this Green Office Label demonstrates Ricoh's commitment towards environmental protection, as it demands that an office achieves relatively specific environmental criteria.

World Environmental Center (WEC)

World Environmental Center (WEC) awarded the Ricoh Group the Gold Medal for its International Achievement in Sustainable Development. An independent jury of distinguished international environmentalists awards the prestigious WEC Gold Medal annually to a corporation that demonstrates preeminent leadership and contributes to worldwide environmental quality. (May 2003)