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Equitrac Office

Cost Reduction and Printing Management

With Equitrac Office software, you can track, analyze, allocate and, if necessary, recover the costs of every document that is sent to a networked printer, copier or multifunction device.


About Equitrac Office

  • Equitrac Office provides cost reduction and print management capabilities including: cost allocation, charge-back, printing rules, restrictions and quotas, secure printing, centralized device administration and comprehensive reporting Features and Benefits
  • Output cost reduction
  • Printing device management and utilization
  • Security for printed information
  • Gives users flexible, fast and secure printing output options
  • Addresses over-bought, under-utilized printing equipment
  • Cost savings by directing output to the most efficient devices and eliminating unauthorized, excessive or wasteful printing
  • Accurate allocation of output costs back to users, departments, projects or clients
  • Simplified administration improves service levels and reduces help desk calls
  • Environmental benefits through the reduction of resources consumed

Using Equitrac Office

  • Determine who may print to which devices and route jobs away from desktop printers to more efficient networked MFPs
  • Establish printing rules - for example, documents containing greater than 10 color pages can be directed to a designated device
  • Re-route jobs based on device status such as paper out, offline, jam, etc.
  • Track costs of documents depending on their attributes (i.e. color, duplex, stitching, etc.) and create different charging schedules for internal and external users
  • Follow-You Printing lets you release print jobs at the most convenient device so you can print where you happen to be and avoid waiting for a device to free up
  • Secure Document Release holds confidential print jobs in a secure queue until released for print by the document owner
  • Equitrac's Device Monitoring Engine provides a single console to track devices' status including paper, toner levels, or errors
  • Summary, detailed and total activity reports are available and data can be exported for analysis Page