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Interactive Whiteboard

Improve communication. Accelerate understanding.

Developing and communicating concepts quickly and effectively is critical in commerce, manufacturing and education. Ricoh's innovative Interactive Whiteboard D8400 enables and encourages efficient training and collaborative working, and empowers the delivery of content that will engage, enlighten and enthuse audiences. Even in large rooms the easy to start D8400 has the dynamic visual clarity that commands attention and accelerates understanding. Your choice includes models with or without a controller.

  • New
  • NetworkLAN
  • USB
  • WiFi

Simple, intuitive and instant operation

Operation is intuitive using the remote control and the unique user interface. Once your session is over you can save your work as searchable PDF text that you can explore using convenient keywords and share via email at any time.


More connectivity, more creativity, more productivity

The D8400 allows people to share content with up to eight D8400 units via an intranet connection without separate server or software installations, and each whiteboard offers interactive controls to participants in multiple locations simultaneously.


Enjoy outstanding visual clarity

Central to the success of the D8400 is the dynamic clarity of its 84" 4K HD LCD display incorporating an LED backlight and reflection prevention. The screen's interface enables several users to draw and write on it simultaneously. Video conferencing systems are available, as is whiteboarding via UCS and Skype (with customisation).


Save and share spontaneous notes

When you write on the D8400 screen, you can also use the OCR function to convert hand written letters to text. OCR text is saved as searchable content, useful for later review and revision of scribbled notes.