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TotalFlow Prep

Total Flow Solutions

Transition to more efficient production printing

Your deadline is fast approaching. And you’re still waiting for the print file. What if it arrives from multiple sources, or in multiple formats? Will you be prepared to pull everything together in time? Use RICOH® TotalFlow® Prep to create a print-ready PDF file quickly for more accurate production printing. Integrate the software into workflow processes to automate print tasks and communicate key information with critical stakeholders so you can make better print decisions. Combine files, make last-second edits, add special instructions and even choose media to accommodate specific printers with one-touch control from the intuitive GUI interface, now with modeless help windows that provide tips and remain open until they are closed.


Prepare jobs for printing quickly

You have a checklist for every print job. If you miss one task, the entire project is in jeopardy, along with your budget, and maybe even your relationship with your customer. With RICOH TotalFlow Prep, you can do less work, and get more done. You can automate repetitive make-ready tasks used in production printing to ensure every step is completed faster and more accurately. You won’t miss a thing, including mistakes. You can preview files for accuracy as you make adjustments, so you can make sure you get it just right before you send it to the printer.

  • Rapidly create print jobs for your production print environment
  • Leverage new, easy-to-use GUI’s intuitive controls
  • Quickly insert tabs into any job; create tabs automatically from multiple sources
  • Maximize media use while minimizing errors through the use of powerful imposition tools
  • Adjust job attributes and imposition while viewing the effects of changes in real time via a virtual model
  • Combine several files (scanned and digital content) into one job
  • Assign job properties, including special instructions for the operator to apply before printing
  • Perform simple edits, including logo replacement, text insertion, sizing and rotation


Reduce delays to minimize costs

There’s another print project waiting. The faster you can get to it, the more efficient your print operations will be. Use RICOH TotalFlow Prep, and use fewer clicks to accomplish your most common production print imposition tasks. You can choose media, finishing options, printers and more with a simple click, while the interface provides a real-time representation of how your document is slated to look when it prints. Facing a longer run? Change the number of impressions per sheet to extend supplies for the entire run. Running the same type of job, day after day? Use a preset for many of your more frequently used tasks so they’re performed automatically, and consistently, every time.


Access the right information to make the best decisions

Reprints and production restarts are expensive. So, it’s important that you know what you’re doing, along with everybody else. Use RICOH TotalFlow Prep to help ensure the right people have access to the RICOH TotalFlow Prep right information to perform print tasks with precision. Take advantage of visual ticketing and see key details, such as finishing options, number of prints and the media catalog, before printing. Assign job properties and share special instructions with operators to complete jobs on time with fewer errors.


Improve accuracy and quality

You’ve gathered all the print files, combining them into one job. You’ve chosen your media and finishing options. The controllers are ready. So what happens when you get a call at the last minute that new text is being added? Or, when you notice a typo on the first page? Previously, you’d have to edit the print files in their original formats and begin the print process again. But with RICOH TotalFlow Prep, you can perform simple PDF edits, including logo replacement, text insertion, sizing and rotation at any time to keep your production print jobs on schedule. Additionally, RICOH TotalFlow Prep’s preview function helps you make sure your changes look exactly how you – and your customer – want them to, before using the time and resources to print.


Eliminate manual tasks from start to finish

With customers wanting more personalization, your print runs are becoming shorter. But they’re growing more complex, too. In order to transition quickly from job to job, you have to prepare each one carefully using the fewest steps possible, without costly errors that could stall production. Give every preparation task the attention it needs with RICOH TotalFlow Prep. Integrate it with RICOH TotalFlow Print Manager or TotalFlow Production Manager, and RICOH TotalFlow Path to expedite many of your manual touch points, including scheduling, media handling, finishing and workflow automation, to improve print performance every step of the way.


More media, fewer problems

When it comes to printed communications, standing out starts at the substrate. With that in mind, RICOH TotalFlow Prep enables printers to take a flexible approach to media, allowing them to add custom media or select from among printer media catalogs, which can be accessed directly via Ricoh and EFI JDFenabled controllers. Additionally, users can quickly and easily define media exceptions or specifications, enact automatic ejection of unused tabs when supported, and easily set cover stock on magazines or booklets that have already been imposed. Use your substrates, your way, without having to awkwardly, manually navigate transitions between them within jobs.