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Pro L4160

Ink type  AR (Aqua Resin) Rioch Durable Latex Ink
Head type Ricoh GEN5 high-speed piezo durable print heads
Print speed 4-colour mode: 4 pass: Super Draft 33.1 m²/h

6 pass: Draft 18.2 m²/h

8 pass: High Speed 13.8 m²/h

12 pass: Standard 11.0 m²/h

16 pass: High Quality 6.6 m²/h
6-colour mode/6-colour mode + white: 8 pass: Super Draft 17.2 m²/h

12 pass: Draft 9.1 m²/h

16 pass: High Speed 7.0 m²/h

24 pass: Standard 5.6 m²/h

32 pass: High Quality 3.3 m²/h
Resolution 600, 900, 1200 dpi
Dimensions (W x D x H) 2,879 x 854 x 1,435 mm
Weight 231 kg
Power source 1,800 W x 2 (220-240 V)
Power consumption Less than 1,440 W x 2 (100-120 V)



Ink set combinations 4-colour mode (CMYK)

6-colour mode (CMYKOrGr)

6-colour+white mode (CMYKOrGrW)
Droplet size 4 pl
Ink capacity 4-colour mode: CMYK (600cc two cartridges for each colour)
6-colour mode: CMYKOrGr (600cc one cartridge for Y, K, Or, and Gr colour, 600cc

two cartridges for C and M colour)
6-colour mode + white: CMYKOrGrW (600cc one cartridge for CMYKOrGr colour, 220cc two cartridges for White)



Media options Wide ranging media compatibility which includes thin

coated paper, Synthetic Paper, PET, tarpaulin, weatherproof

PVC, window film, polyester and cotton. Thickness 0.3mm

or less.
Curing time Fast curing for secondary processing such as lamination
Maximum paper width 1,610 mm
Maximum media width 1,620 mm
Media weight 25 kg or less



Ricoh Software RIP (Professional and advanced colour management - in bundle with mainframe)
CPU Intel Core i3 3.10GHz or more
Operating system Printer Driver Windows Vista SP2 or later (32/64 bit), Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise (32/64 bit), Windows8 Pro Enterprise XP Professional Edition (32 bit) SP3~, XP Home Edition (32 bit) SP3~
Chip set Intel chip set
Memory 3 GB or more (32 bit), 6 GB or more (64 bit)
HDD 500 GB recommended (NTFS format)
Network interface Ethernet, USB 1.1/2.0



Operating system Windows Vista SP2 or latter (32bit/64bit), Windows7 Professional/Ultimate/Enterprise (32bit/64bit), Windows8 Professional/Enterprise (32bit/64bit), XP Professional Edition(32bit) SP3~, XP Home Edition(32bit) SP3
CPU Intel Core i3 3.1GHz or more
Memory 2 GB or more (32 bit), 3 GB or more (64 bit)
Configuration / Interface Ether Net, USB 1.1/2.0



Environmental New aqueous durable (latex) inks have very low emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and lack of odour requiring no ventilation. Ink cartridges can be used repeatedly, reducing waste and cost.
For availability of models, optional apparatus and software, please contact your local Ricoh representative.

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