Our global value proposition

We are empowering digital workplaces. Collaboration with coworkers is easier and the real-time exchange of ideas and information is a reality. Employees have the tools they need to be productive — whenever and wherever they are. Our experience and cutting edge technologies improve productivity and collaboration. It’s a smarter way to work.

Empowering digital workplaces

What We Offer Our Customers

Ricoh was established in 1936. Since then we have provided value for our customers in various industries and across multiple lines of business. We do this using solutions that we create by working closely with individual clients to respond to their business challenges and needs, and by integrating our technologies, including image processing. We currently provide "knowledge creation" support for over 1.4 million companies. Changes to work environments are occurring ever more rapidly in recent years, and people are changing how they work. Given that situation, companies need to boost competitiveness via their business activities. Ricoh aims to combine new ideas and technologies with our wealth of experience to create further innovations that will support people in their work. We will also continue to create and provide new value that is of benefit to the wider community so that we and our customers can help to build a sustainable society.

EMPOWERING is Ricoh's desire to focus on people, respecting their unique personalities and expertise. We wish to extend the individuality of teams and organizations, bringing vitality to their work. It is our DIGITAL technology, including analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, and virtual reality, that will connect workplaces. WORKPLACES differ depending on the type of business. It could be anywhere, such as an office or worksite, spreading across different time zones and environments. By connecting these workplaces, we are changing the way we work.

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How Ricoh empowers digital workplaces.