Update: Notice on Ripple20 Treck TCP/IP Stack Potential Vulnerabilities

31 Jul 2020

First published: July 8, 2020
Date of current status: July 31, 2020

Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Ricoh is aware of the security vulnerabilities known as the “Ripple20” disclosed by the JSOF on June 16, 2020. These vulnerabilities could potentially allow a remote hacker to trigger an information leak if a specific TCP/IP stack version is used.

We have confirmed that Ricoh A3-sized multi-function printers, production printers, digital duplicators, Interactive White Boards, projectors, and Unified Communication Systems do not use IP stack modules from Treck Inc. and Kasago of Zuken Elmic, Inc. The affected printers and A4-sized multi-function printers are confirmed only as following:

Model Name  CVEs

SP 230SFNw
SP 230DNw


•  CVE-2019-12264     •  CVE-2020-11896     •  CVE-2020-11898     •  CVE-2020-11900     •  CVE-2020-11901     •  CVE-2020-11902     •  CVE-2020-11903     •  CVE-2020-11906     •  CVE-2020-11907     •  CVE-2020-11909     •  CVE-2020-11910     •  CVE-2020-11911     •  CVE-2020-11912     •  CVE-2020-11913     •  CVE-2020-11914    

P 201W
M 340W
M 340FW
(China model)

•  CVE-2019-12264     •  CVE-2020-11896     •  CVE-2020-11898     •  CVE-2020-11900     •  CVE-2020-11901     •  CVE-2020-11902     •  CVE-2020-11903     •  CVE-2020-11906     •  CVE-2020-11907     •  CVE-2020-11909     •  CVE-2020-11910     •  CVE-2020-11911     •  CVE-2020-11912     •  CVE-2020-11913     •  CVE-2020-11914    

Aficio SP 1210N •  CVE-2019-12264     •  CVE-2020-11896     •  CVE-2020-11898     •  CVE-2020-11900     •  CVE-2020-11901     •  CVE-2020-11902     •  CVE-2020-11903     •  CVE-2020-11906     •  CVE-2020-11907     •  CVE-2020-11908     •  CVE-2020-11909     •  CVE-2020-11910     •  CVE-2020-11911     •  CVE-2020-11912     •  CVE-2020-11913     •  CVE-2020-11914    
Aficio GX e3300N
Aficio GX e7700N
•  CVE-2019-12264     •  CVE-2020-11901     •  CVE-2020-11903     •  CVE-2020-11907     •  CVE-2020-11910     •  CVE-2020-11911     •  CVE-2020-11912    

The affected printer has potential vulnerabilities which may cause a device stall, memory destruction, and network failure, but won't be exploited by a springboard attack or cause confidential information leakage. Please visit here.

This vulnerability will not affect devices connected to the customer’s network if the network is properly configured against external attacks. Ricoh recommends always using best practices for network protection, including:

  1. When the device is connected to a network, ensure that the network is protected, for example, by a firewall.
  2. Install the device in a secure network where users restrictions are in place.

Please download the updated firmware as below. Ricoh will release further updated firmware on the driver site as it is available.

Model Name New Firmware Version Solved CVEs
Aficio GX e3300N Ver.1.19  CVE-2020-11907
Aficio GX e7700N Ver.1.05  CVE-2020-11907

The security and integrity of our customers' data and devices remain of utmost importance to Ricoh and will publish additional advisories for any other affected models, when applicable. For further details on best practices for securely setting up your printer or MFP, please visit here.