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Our CSR Strategy

Ricoh, aiming at harmonizing with society and earning its trust, established the Ricoh Group CSR Charter and Ricoh Group Code of Conduct in 2003, to lay down common values and behavioral principles to share globally among all Ricoh employees.
The ‘Ricoh CSR Charter’, adopted across the Group, looks at four distinct areas of activities:
  • Integrity in Corporate Activities 
  • Harmony with the Environment 
  • Respect for People 
  • Harmony with Society
The goal defined in Ricoh’s management philosophy (1986) is:
"To be a good global corporate citizen with reliability and appeal."
With this at the core of our CSR strategy, Ricoh Co. Ltd has won the Deming Prize in 1975 and the Japan Quality Award in 1999. Since 2001, Ricoh Asia Pacific has been using the Business Excellence Model (mainly MBNQA framework) as a tool for measuring the overall sustainability of the policies and strategies we have adopted, and for enhancing business performance. Our progress in business performance and sustainability is evident from the various awards won by our operations in the region. This includes the HKMA Quality Award (2002), New Zealand Performance Excellence Study Award (2008) in New Zealand, and the Singapore Quality Class (Asia Pacific HQ - since 2002).

Ricoh Sustainability Action Guidelines

  1. Not only do we comply with all domestic and overseas environmental regulations, but we also set our own targets to reduce stress on the environment in consideration of social expectations, and we endeavor to attain our targets.
  2. We strive to promote technological innovation while at the same time maintaining and improving our environmental conservation systems.
  3. In development, design and operation of factory facilities, we always consider their impact on the environment, and we strive to prevent pollution, to utilize energy and resources effectively, and to reduce and dispose of waste products in a responsible manner.
  4. At every stage, from planning, development, design, procurement and production to sales, logistics, use, recycling and disposal, we offer products and services which have minimal environmental impact and give maximum consideration to safety.
  5. Through environmental education, we strive to raise awareness of all our employees in order to develop a social viewpoint that enables them to conduct environmental activities under their own responsibility.
  6. In every country and region where we conduct our business, we maintain close ties with the local communities and we contribute to society by publicizing our activities and assisting environmental conservation activities.