Managed Scanning Services

Managed print services

The right information in the right place in the right format

If you need high quality document production but printing is not your core business, our managed print services (MPS) provide customised solutions.

Managed print services (MPS) is a specialist approach that analyses your organisation's processes and workflows for handling documents. Transform how you manage information to increase productivity, unlock the value in your information and reduce costs.

MPS customised to you

Every MPS programme is individually designed to meet your unique requirements. Regular evaluation and measurement ensures continuous improvement.

Stay in control and be responsive

MPS controls costs throughout the document lifecycle, avoiding more capital-intensive investments, and evolving static infrastructure to more responsive solutions.

Stop service issues becoming boardroom issues

We provide an end-to-end solution, managing non-core services – including print production – against clearly defined KPIs. You focus on your core business, while we reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The MPS adaptive model

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Explore and define your organisation's document output environment.

Provide future state recommendation based on the assessment and your business goals and objectives.

Execute the agreed plan of action to realise projected benefits with minimum disruption.

Monitor and manage the transformed environment to measure cost savings and service level agreements and identify areas for continuous improvement

Offer a single point of contact for local and global enterprise coverage, including the alignment of technology, processes, services and support.

Throughout the process, we work closely with you to ensure we understand your business, your trajectory and your goals. We learn how your organisation works, collaborates and shares information, as well as how you work with your customers and business partners.

We focus on getting to know your managers and employees, as the ongoing success of any programme lies with them. And we'll work closely with your teams to establish the tools and information to benefit them.

Our partnership approach means we:

  • Gain an understanding of your business processes and how you work
  • Get to know your workforce to understand their day-to-day information challenges
  • Ensure solutions we design and implement are tailored to meet employee needs and business goals

Ricoh Project Managers can work as an extension of your staff to help successfully implement the recommended solutions. With a solid understanding of your business, they will apply best practice project management methodology to ensure that your programme delivers on its goals.

Our experienced project managers are here to:

  • Provide structure for project organisation and governance to ensure success and the timely handling of issues and risk
  • Provide a framework that improves efficiency and facilitates timely project completion
  • Utilise a common set of familiar project management tools so that delivery is consistent across your organisation
  • Track, measure and communicate progress on project milestones and deliverables

Ricoh’s service management methodology is based on the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standard, which focuses on aligning IT services with business needs.

Once your solution is implemented, our Service Managers can assume day-to-day responsibility of your programme. They will work closely with your internal teams to govern, measure and optimise your solution to ensure that the focus remains on achieving your business goals.

Our service managers will:

  • Provide a single point of contact for country, regional or global reporting
  • Follow a central governance process, so that you and your stakeholders always know what to expect
  • Ensure that Service Level Agreements are adhered to at all times

We deliver MPS through an adaptive, customer-centric, five-phased approach as depicted in our MPS Adaptive Model. We’re with you through every step, tailoring recommendations to your business model, and creating continuous improvement so you reach and sustain your business goals.

Specialist services issues becoming boardroom issues.

  • Onsite managed print and copy centres
  • Bulk host data printing
  • Printer fleet management
  • Enterprise print services delivery
  • Document imaging services
  • Contract management
  • Transition and change management
  • Onsite and offsite mail room services

Where MPS can help

  • Environmental sustainability
    A comprehensive model for sustainability optimisation supports your 'green' initiatives as part of your larger strategic goals.
  • Controlling costs
    Controlling costs related to people, process and technology throughout the document lifecycle delivers consistent, long-term savings.
  • Information security and governance
    Information governance mitigates costs and risk of non-compliance to secure information capital in he interest of building trust with your customers.
  • Optimising information
    Finding new ways to get the right information, at the right time, in the right form helps optimise the value of your information.
  • End user productivity
    Improving the availability and use of business critical information makes end users more productive, fosters innovation and improves business agility.
  • Strategic infrastructure
    Anticipating and aligning an organisation's infrastructure with IT business objectives delivers scalability, flexibility and secures information access.
  • Managing change
    Realising the benefits of transforming business critical document processes depends on engaging staff to successfully change behaviour.
  • Streamlining processes
    Effective processes improve response to customers, shortens sales cycles, and increases knowledge sharing and collaboration to help grow your business.