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RICOH Quality

RICOH Quality refers to quality in the process of providing products and services that consistently delight and inspire customers, and of co-creating value.

The RICOH Quality Statement 
We will always remain trustworthy and attractive for customers, consistently delighting and inspiring our customers by innovating while partnering with them to create valuable products and solutions. 
Why RICOH Quality matters to us 
The RICOH Group announced the RICOH Quality Statement, expressing its commitment to providing products and services that give customers ever greater assurance, and of offering value at a level beyond customer expectations.
Every member of the RICOH Group will share the common ambition to strive and realize RICOH Quality. 
How we position RICOH Quality
We position RICOH Quality between RICOH Brand Benefits and customers, in the sense that it details RICOH Brand Benefits in terms of the quality to be delivered to customers.


Pursuit of RICOH Quality and Business Excellence

Ricoh Co. Ltd has won the Deming Prize in 1975 and the Japan Quality Award in 1999. Since 2001, Ricoh Asia Pacific has been using the Business Excellence Model (mainly MBNQA framework) as a tool for measuring the overall sustainability of the policies and strategies we have adopted, and for enhancing business performance. Our progress in business performance and sustainability is evident from the various awards won by our operations in the region. This includes the HKMA Quality Award (2002) and New Zealand Performance Excellence Study Award (2008) in New Zealand.