HAKUHODO i-studio Inc.

I had been searching for an environment to encourage a paperless workstyle. The answer was RICOH interactive whiteboard.

Mr. Kasuya - Corporate planning, HAKUHODO i-studio Inc.

HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. is a creative solution company that creates strategies for, plans, and produces digital content for clients. In order to reduce printing costs and time for meetings, it installed 30 sets of RICOH interactive whiteboard (IWB) for all conference rooms.

Now it has succeeded in reducing printing costs by 40% and improving the workstyle and mindset of employees. By changing to paperless meetings, employees have more productive and higher quality meetings. They focus on discussions and make decisions by annotating ideas on the RICOH IWB.

In just one and a half years after we started using RICOH IWB, printing costs have been reduced by 40%. It is rare to see paper documents now.

Smooth transition

Soon after two sets of RICOH IWB were introduced for trial, several people in the company gathered and started using them for meetings. They were very impressed, saying things like “I can annotate smoothly!” and “Saved pages can be sent in email easier!”. Top management thus decided to use RICOH IWB in all conference rooms.

One and a half year later, printing costs have been reduced by 40%. Moreover, employees are freed from printing jobs that took 17 minute per person a day. And they can use this extra time to do other productive work.

It is a norm now to use the IWB for meetings. Work styles could be changed so fast because RICOH IWB is easy to use by anyone.

Productive and high quality meetings

The company said that the greatest benefit of the RICOH IWB is its ability to summarize ideas easily. They hear requirements and issues from clients and discuss solution ideas. Then, they categorize ideas and determine what direction to take. By using the IWB for this process, it can be done visually, thereby increasing mutual understanding and allowing everyone to focus on discussions. Also, presentations can be edited right up to the point where they are shown on the IWB display.

Such communication ability and job speed met the company’s needs, and they want to improve speed and quality even more with RICOH IWB.