JX Holdings

by Ricoh Company, Ltd.

We found that the RICOH IWB enables us to concentrate on our main role and encourage smooth and productive meetings.

Mr Fujino - IT Group, JX Holdings

JX holdings is one of the largest companies in Japan handling oil, coal, natural gas, and non-ferrous metal resources. It had been in the process of improving workstyle and productivity with ITC. And when they moved the headquarters to a new building, they decided to use RICOH interactive whiteboard (IWB) to improve collaboration during meetings.

Time-consuming printing

The company used to print documents for meetings and combine those into sets to distribute to the attendees. Since 2,500 employees were working at the headquarters and many meetings are held, a lot of time was spent on these jobs.

Paperless meetings

A total of 153 RICOH IWB units have been set up at the headquarters and branches to promote efficient and productive paperless meetings. JX Holdings also created huddle spaces with RICOH IWB in order to encourage collaboration. With these changes, employees’ mindset and working methods improved day by day.

Also, since all attendees can focus on the RICOH IWB screen in meetings, they are able to understand information faster and discuss much more than before. Thanks to the full HD high resolution display, it is easy to read marketing data with small numbers. Also, the presenter can easily select a page to show out of a large presentation. But, the most beneficial point is the ability to annotate on the screen directly. By writing additional data and highlighting, the benefits of analog and digital features can be implemented with the RICOH IWB to encourage smooth communication and collaboration between attendees.

RICOH IWB achieves easy paperless meetings and active collaboration by smooth annotation features.

Speed of information sharing is also improved as file with images shared via RICOH IWB can be sent by email after the meeting. After a period of usage of RICOH IWB, the company feel that they are improving workstyle and productivity more than ever. Also, as the new office implements hot-desking seating and collaboration spaces, they have set up RICOH IWB in these collaboration spaces to have huddle meetings to exchange information, discuss, and make decisions quickly.

90% of the employees reported improved productivity, and the company is planning to introduce RICOH IWB more to improve communication and collaboration.


Improvements after introducing RICOH IWB:

  • Preparation time and cost are reduced by minimizing hands-on tasks
  • Attendees focus on RICOH IWB screen, making it easier to achieve mutual understanding. Discussion is encouraged by the annotation feature.
  • Remarks written on the RICOH IWB during the meeting are saved to a file and then shared by email as meeting minutes
  • By changing to file sharing, it is easier and faster to find necessary documents, and thus productivity has been improved