Prince Education Pte Ltd

Students are now more engaged, and concentration level is much higher after having started using the Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard.

Mr. Edward Toh - Founder, Prince Education Centre

Prince Education Centre was established in 2008 with only 1 branch in Jurong West. Today, Prince Education has 5 branches under its wing and has also metamorphosed from a tuition centre to a full-fledged institution.

Traditional Whiteboard Challenges

Prince Education was using conventional whiteboard for teaching. This limits in collaboration as only one individual can realistically use the board effectively at any given time.

It was also difficult to make annotations or add new content without wiping off the old content and the light reflection on the whiteboard made it difficult to explain lesson concept to students who suffer from myopia/astigmatism.

Furthermore, some teachers’ handwritings are illegible and students often cannot understand what they are trying to write, resulting in students getting distracted after awhile as their attention span is also short.

The centre was using the traditional way of teaching — teachers bringing materials to class to conduct the lessons, which may sometimes lead to them forgetting to bring certain materials to class. Adding on, teachers also had to anticipate what the students might ask during lessons and pre-download pictures/videos into their phones and passed it around the class to show to them which is time consuming.

Becoming a Smart Learning Centre

Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)’s matt surface panel helps customer to eliminate the issue of sunlight reflecting onto the board and students are more likely to enjoy a class session where videos and quality images are displayed on a high resolution screen.

Together with the IWB’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function, it has greatly helped both the students and teachers as it will convert handwritings into text. With this, students are able to understand the teacher’s handwriting and will be able to understand and grasp concepts better. With the intuitiveness of the IWB, it allows the students to use it as well and the lessons have become more interactive. Therefore, students’attention span has gotten longer, and they are more focused during lessons.

With Cloud Storage Integration, the teachers are also able to store classroom materials into it, making it easier for them to retrieve it. They also won’t have the issue of forgetting to bring in certain materials to class and this has lessened the workload for the teachers as well, benefitting both teachers and students.

Adopt technology to enhance teaching to the student

Be it teaching English, Math or Science, the teachers are using the IWB. With the ease of usage, the teachers can connect to the internet and access YouTube instantly to show something that the students can’t see visually on their textbooks.

After using the IWB, students are more engaged and the workload of the teachers have also been lessened as all they need is the tablet and they will be able to conduct the lessons.