RICOH Always Current Technology

Update your Ricoh Multi-Function Devices by downloading the latest features to help you optimise your document management workflows.

1  Changing of “Settings” interface from “Settings (Classic)” to “Settings (Standard)”

  1. Select Settings


  2. 1  Select Machine Features Settings


  3. 2  Select System Settings


  4. 3  Select Admin Tools --> Switch Screen Type


  5. 4  Select Standard then press OK


  6. 5  Select Exit


  7. 6  Select Restart


  8. 7  After restarting, select Settings


  9. 8  New Settings Interface is completed!

2  New user interface in Settings

  1. Settings Homepage


  2. 1  Search for any setting under Search function


  3. 2  Layers are displayed on the left column for quick navigation


  4. 3  Locator key allows easy reference of user’s navigation path


RICOH Always Current Technology features availability are subjected to different regions and countries.

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