Covid-19: Ring-fencing Your Workplace & Enhance Workforce Wellness

24 Jun 2021

Complete webinar recording video can be viewed in our Resources Hub.


Ricoh and JNJ are partnering together to help organizations ringfence workplace against air & surface contaminants. It must be a concerted effort to ensure a safe workplace for everyone. Plan for a defence strategy to ensure business continuity.

Here’s what the webinar will address:
  • Future of Living
  • Understanding air & surface technology
  • Success Case Study
  • Business As Usual: Defence Strategy for Business Continuity

Date: 24 June 2021

Time: 4pm - 5pm

Venue:Zoom Webinar

Panel Speakers:

Lawrence Chua

Head, Managed Services @Ricoh (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Lawrence is the Head of the Managed Services at Ricoh Singapore. He is in-charge of growing the strategic business of IT Services and Ricoh Communication products in the Singapore market. With more than 23 years in the digital technology arena covering infrastructure, security and managed services. He is part of the digital transformation lead in Ricoh Singapore, instrumental in transforming and establish partnerships with leading solutions partners. Lawrence had been involved in various advisory roles in various vertical markets. He is also a member of SGTech, Co-Op Exco member with the Singapore Enterprise Chapter.


Nicholas Lim

Sales Director & Founder of JNJ @JNJ Digital Technology (S) Pte Ltd

Nicholas is the sales director & founder of JNJ. He founded JNJ 23 years ago focusing on office automation since 1998. The SARS pandemic in Hong Kong made Nicholas realise the importance of Indoor Air Quality & post pandemic hygiene control. The exigency of the event brought about a search for the product that can automate hygiene control. BioZone has since become the key hero product of JNJ because it has been scientifically tested & used extensively by WHO authorities for automated disinfection process.