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25 Jul 2024 CISCO Systems (USA) Pte Ltd | 80 Pasir Panjang Road, Building 80, Lvl 25, Mapletree Business City | CXC Room11.30 AM - 2.30 PM

According to the Singapore Cybersecurity Health Report 2023 launched by CSA, "8 in 10 organisations in Singapore encounter at least one cybersecurity incident in a year. Almost all of these organisations that encounter cybersecurity incidents suffer a negative business impact," shared Reynard Neo, Senior Consultant, Cyber Security Agency, in his presentation. 

In Singapore, Ransomware is on the rise. It encrypts victim data until a ransom is paid, posing a severe threat. 

Here are some fascinating facts: 

  1. Ransomware has evolved into a service known as RaaS. This means that more individuals are now being incentivised to distribute ransomware, either for a fixed wage or a percentage of the profits. 
  2. Cybercriminal organisations now operate Ransomware-as-a-Service (Raas) platforms or significant attacks. Examples: Revil, Conti, MalasLocker, 8BASE, Akira, LockBit, BlackCat
  3. RaaS operators provide affiliates with tools, payment portals, and “helpdesks” to help them attack

Join us in our upcoming event to learn how to strengthen your defences against evolving cyber threats: 

  • What are ransomware attacks, who are the actors & their objectives
  • The current workplace trends & the implications for ransomware and 
  • The Unified Ransomware Defense in 7 Steps


  • Ransomware demo
  • Security Architecture Reference
  • User protection – Protecting against the weakest link. 
  • Cloud protection - When everyone is going to the cloud, how do you protect yourself
  • Breach protection - What happens when threat actors go beyond your layered defence
  • A single glass pane of control 
  • Live Office Tour of Cisco Office

Lunch will be served.

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