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Room management is simple and efficient with RICOH Spaces. Our platform offers a complete web schedule view, interactive floor plan, mobile application, and room panel options, so you can easily book meeting rooms—no matter where you are.

Through seamless integrations with the broader RICOH Spaces platform, managing your meetings becomes an easy and streamlined process. In addition to meeting rooms, you can manage other spaces, such as public spaces or collaboration areas.

Quick and Easy Room

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RICOH Spaces Room Management allows users to:

  • Easily manage hundreds of rooms

  • See the entire office availability schedule

  • Apply meeting labels for categorisation

  • Book linked rooms with a single booking

  • Manage visitors within the same room booking flow

  • Request services when booking rooms

  • Protect important rooms with an admin room approval workflow

  • Request a different setup with room layouts that require setup and reset times

  • Search for rooms based on their features from the schedule or floor plans

Ease of Access with Multiple Interfaces

Regardless of where or how your employees work, we provide complete flexibility with how they can interact with RICOH Spaces.

Supports iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as desktop, web browser, and mobile solutions.

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Simplify Room Management with Enhanced Integrations

Simple and effective management of your meeting rooms and spaces, allowing you to:

  • Sync with your Office 365 resources and calendar

  • Create and manage non-O365 spaces, such as public spaces

  • Enhance your booking experience by adding your space amenities, images, and capacity

  • Set flexible booking policies to suit your business.

RICOH Spaces
Room Panels

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The RICOH Spaces Room Panel makes room management easy and convenient with:

  • Simple room visibility and booking

  • Check-in alert and cancellation warnings

  • Customisable backgrounds

  • Auto-cancellation of unused rooms

  • LED light support

  • In-use detection with IoT sensors

  • End meeting early function.

Enhance your room management with IoT sensors to gain greater insights and automation.

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Room usage

Understand room usage and utilisation with IoT integration and analytics reports.

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Free up rooms

Ensure maximum utilisation with room panel check-in and end meetings that finish early automatically with IoT integration.


Internet of Things

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