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Your business is built on first impressions. That’s why RICOH Spaces Visitor Management is designed to help you make a great one, every time. Our cutting-edge solution makes it easy to control who enters your building, collect the information you need, and provide the best possible visitor experience.

Say goodbye to manual processes and paper-based logs with our easy-to-use interface, pre-booking, and instant host notification features. Give your business the security and productivity boost it needs with RICOH Spaces Visitor Management.

Enhance Your Visitor Management and
Contactless Sign-In

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RICOH Spaces can enhance your visitor management with:

  • Configurable self-sign-in screens

  • Pre-booking of visitors in advance

  • Desk assignment

  • Host notifications

  • Visitor registration on personal devices for contactless sign-in

  • Visitor pre-registration, providing quick on-the-day sign-in

  • Reduced wait-times at reception

  • Bulk uploads of visitors for easy management of large-scale events or meetings.

Leverage the Visitor Access Pass for a Safer Workplace Environment

With RICOH Spaces Visitor Access Pass, we provide three options:



Allows visitors to scan the on-panel QR code and follow the sign-in steps on their personal devices.



Pre-booked visitors just need to confirm their email address and their host will be notified of their arrival on-site.


Employee sign-in

Employees can scan the QR code to be checked into their desk and tagged as on-site.

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Effective Visitor

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View and analyse trends of your visitor traffic over time.

  • See how many visitors are on-site at any given time

  • Analyse past data to spot future trends and predict when you can expect your reception to be most busy

  • Understand who your most popular host is

Visitor Management features include:

  • Pre-book visitors

  • Pre-built form customisation

  • Touchless sign-in

  • Daily access pass

  • Visitor desk assignment

  • Bulk import visitors

  • Visitor insights.


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