Post-circuit Breaker: Tips to ensure functionality of MFPs

12 May 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented an unprecedent challenge for workers around the world. In a matter of weeks, a part of the workforce in Singapore will be resuming work in the office.

Due to the extended power down of the Ricoh Multi-functional devices in your office, the machine’s print quality may be compromised. Below are some steps you can take to ensure proper functionality of the printing device.



  • Wipe the device with a dry cloth to prevent damage caused by dust.


  • White spots / Blur print / Paper Jam during printing
  • Possible Reason:

    If there are papers in the paper tray, one possibility is that these papers have become moist due to the prolonged period of exposure to the environment when the machine is power off.


    1. Replace the moist papers with a brand new ream of papers.

    2. Perform a test print of about 10 sheets to check the operation and print quality.

  • Colour print density too light /dark (Colour MFP)
  • Steps:

    1. Perform Auto Colour Calibration and Colour Registration according to the User Manual. Follow the steps on the screen instruction.

    Log into Copier mode

    "User Tools" icon > "Machine Features" > "Maintenance" > "Auto Colour Calibration" >"Copier Function" > "Start"

If you still experience issues after the above steps, please contact our service hotline. We will be most ready to serve you.

Hotline: 6854 6777 / 6474 0777

Stay healthy. Stay safe.