Precautionary Measures taken with regards to COVID-19 Virus Infection

14 Feb 2020

With Singapore raising its COVID-19 Virus outbreak alert from yellow to orange, Ricoh Singapore instituted a slew of precautionary measures in accordance to guidelines from Ministry of Health and Ministry of Manpower.

  1. Travel declarations have been obtained from Employee on their recent travel history and upcoming travel plans.
  2. Employees returning from China are asked to remain at home for 14 days upon their return and to report their temperatures to our Human Resource Department daily.
  3. Employees are instructed to defer any non-critical travel to China.
  4. Employees are required to check their temperatures twice a day, check for respiratory symptoms and report to HR daily.
  5. Employees who are unwell are required to visit a doctor immediately. Employees on sick leave are monitored by HR to ensure that they are well before they come back to work.
  6. Visitors to Ricoh Singapore office are screened for temperatures. Visitors who are unwell are asked to reschedule their appointment.
  7. Visitors to Ricoh Singapore office are to declare their recent travel history and to indicate if they have been to affected countries.
  8. Surgical marks are issued to employees and visitors when required.
  9. Ricoh Engineers, technicians and sales personnel are required to declare if they have been to affected areas.
  10. Employees have been asked and reminded regularly to observe good personal hygiene which includes washing hands frequently with soap.

The well-being of our employees, customers, vendors and business associates remains our top priority. We appreciate your understanding for any inconvenience caused.