Ricoh Global SDGs Action 2019

by Ricoh Asia Pacific30 May 2019

TOKYO, May 30, 2019 – The Ricoh Group announces its “Ricoh Global SDGs Action 2019”, a month long event starting on June 1. This event encourages Group company employees to thin about how to achieve the SDGs and to take action with a sense of global unity.

Of the 17 SDGs, the Ricoh Group focuses on the 8 we can contribute to by resolving social issues through our business. We are progressing a number of initiatives which contribute to achieving the SDGs having linked them to our corporate philosophy, business strategies, and environmental management. In recent years, every June, we organized an event called “Global Eco Action” which got employees to think about the environment, by linking it to the United Nations’ World Environment Day, on June 5. From 2019 onwards, Ricoh Global Eco Action is now changing its name to Ricoh Global SDGs Action. We aim to accelerate our contributions towards achieving the SDGs and encourage all employees in the Group to think and act, not only by doing eco-actions such as global warming countermeasures toward realizing a zero-carbon society, but also by addressing a broader range of social issues.

We aim to leverage the know-how that we have built up through our Global Eco Action events and work together with customers and societies across the globe, as we expand our actions to help achieve the SDGs.

Event outline


  • June 1–30, 2019
  • June 5 is the UN World Environment Day, and at Ricoh, we will call it Eco & SDGs Action Day

Activities for the Eco & SDGs Action Day

  • SDGs Action Month Symposium to be held at the Ricoh Headquarters

    We will invite individuals who implement initiatives that resolve social issues through business to explain their ideas and listen first hand to frontline initiatives under the theme “From the Frontlines: Lessons to Help Contribute to Achieving the SDGs Through Business”

Activities at each company

  1. Ricoh Asia Pacific: An “Eco Action Day Roundtable” on the theme “Recycling: The Road to Zero Waste?” will be held in Singapore on May 30. The meeting gathers together experts in manufacturing, waste management, and civic society as well as the Director General of the Environment Agency, who are actively involved in SDG 13: Climate Action, to deep-dive into this important issue that will define our future. This event is Ricoh Asia Pacific’s largest environmental initiative, held annually in Singapore to commemorate the UN World Environment Day. It calls on individuals and organizations to pledge positive actions for the environment.
  2. Ricoh Europe: In support of SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being, all employees will be asked to record their steps using an app or a pedometer and compete with each other in a “Step Challenge” throughout SDGs Action Month. Participants will be asked to enter a team of five and donate £5 per person with all proceeds going to charity.
  3. Ricoh USA: In support of SDG 14: Life below Water, Ricoh USA will be focusing on aquatic habitats with visitors to Ricoh’s booth at InfoComm 2019 in Florida, the largest audiovisual exhibition in North America. Ricoh USA will donate $2 to a conservation organization for each visitor who expresses support for the Save the Manatee initiative.
  4. Ricoh Japan: Employees will promote SDGs Actions to our customers and introduce activities internally that contribute to achieving each SDGs goal.

Major activities to be conducted by group employees

  1. SDGs-pledge (individuals): Employees will select challenges during the event period that address the 17 SDGs and enter their pledge in the SDGs-pledge database on our intranet.
  2. SDGs Action Report (departments, groups): Departments or groups will decide on a theme, then plan and implement SDGs actions, and register and share their actions and outcomes in the database.
  3. SDGs Performance Leaders (individuals, organizations, groups): Individuals, organizations and groups will decide on a theme, and post related photos and videos to promote SDGs action in a fun way on social media.
  4. Show commitment to using SDGs promotional materials: We will actively use SDGs promotional materials in presentations and email signatures created and used during the event period to specify how our actions relate to the SDGs and publicly promote such initiatives.

Award activities

The Ricoh Sustainability Management Division will award some of the worldwide activities registered in the database as examples of especially notable contributions “to contribute to achieving the SDGs.”

  1. SDGs Action Award: Recognizing activities that contributed to SDGs Action.
  2. SDGs Performance Leader Award: Recognizing individuals and groups who contributed to SDGs Action.
  3. Top 20 SDGs Action Senryu (Japan only): Recognizing unique senryu poems that relate to SDGs Action.

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