Ricoh Singapore supports WorldSkills ASEAN 2023: A celebration of skills and talent

04 Aug 2023

All eyes were on Singapore recently as it hosted WorldSkills ASEAN 2023, the largest competition in Southeast Asia to showcase professional and technical skills among youth.

Held from July 22 to 27, this prestigious event brought together the best and brightest youth talents from 10 ASEAN member countries to compete in 34 skill areas in industries that include Manufacturing & Engineering, Info-Comm Technology, Creative Arts & Fashion, Transportation & Logistics, and Social & Personal Services. 

All in all, more than 170 youths competed for the coveted title of ‘WorldSkills ASEAN Champion’ in their respective categories.

WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 1Team Singapore Graphic Design Technology gold and silver medal winners celebrating with Team Singapore experts and lecturers

Empowering skilful innovation

As part Ricoh Singapore’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives for 2023, the company was proud to lend its support to the WorldSkills ASEAN event as an official sponsor. 

As part of the sponsorship initiative, the company provided two Ricoh intelligent multifunction printers, which contributed to the smooth organisation and execution of the competition.

WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 2L to R: Lina Tay, Team Singapore expert; Ganjar Satrio, Team Indonesia expert; Prasit Kongngooluame, Team Thailand expert; Amy Soon, Team Singapore expert; Gladys Wong, Senior Marketing Head, Ricoh Singapore; Joseph Seah, Digital Service Manager, Ricoh Singapore Ronald Alvarez, Team Philippines expert; Jeffrey Lee, Workshop Manager.

Ricoh's commitment to empowering skilful innovation aligns perfectly with the essence of the WorldSkills ASEAN event. By providing state-of-the-art printing and imaging solutions, Ricoh enabled participants and organisers to showcase and document their entries, supporting the overarching goal of promoting technical excellence and recognising the value of vocational and technical education.

WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 3L to R: Joseph Seah, Digital Service Manager, Ricoh Singapore; Amy Soon, Team Singapore expert; Gladys Wong, Senior Marketing Head, Ricoh Singapore; Jeffrey Lee, Workshop Manager; Ronald Alvarez, Team Philippines expert; Prasit Kongngooluame, Team Thailand expert.

Fostering skills and innovation

As WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 unfolded in Singapore, it exemplified the region's commitment to empowering its youth and fostering a culture of skilful innovation. The competition brought nations together and encouraged the exchange of knowledge and best practices, promoting a more robust and competent workforce for a brighter future.

WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 4Team Singapore took out the top prize in in the Graphics Design & Technology category.

The event also emphasised the importance of public-private partnerships. Ricoh’s sponsorship is a prime example of how corporations can play a crucial role in supporting skills development and education in the region.

As the competition continues in the future, it will ignite the passion for skills development among participants and spectators alike. The dedication, talent, and determination displayed during WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 will inspire generations and further solidify the ASEAN region's place as a powerhouse of skilful excellence.

About WorldSkills ASEAN

WorldSkills ASEAN is a significant platform that showcases professional and technical skills among youth in the ASEAN region.

It was initiated through an agreement among ASEAN member countries in 1993, with the primary objective of promoting and raising skills standards to an international level, motivating youths to develop their skills, and fostering cooperation in vocational and technical education and training between member countries.

Each edition of the WorldSkills ASEAN competition sees a different host country taking the reins, and this year, the honour went to Singapore. The event was a success and provided a remarkable opportunity for young talents to demonstrate their technical skills and abilities, both individually and collectively, in various industries.