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IT at the Heart of Business


Technology is fundamental to doing business today. IT developments offer opportunities to improve workflow processes, foster innovation and gain competitive advantage.


But technology can also create challenges for managers faced with the need to control costs while ensuring infrastructure continues to meet their organisation’s needs. Without the expertise and resources to stay on top of the latest advances in technology, organisations can risk missing opportunities and falling behind the competition.

A common challenge

IT challenges can affect organisations of all types and sizes.


Many struggle to ensure their IT continues to perform smoothly without the help of dedicated in-house resources. Efforts to keep costs down can face setbacks as a result of relying on an uncoordinated mixture of suppliers.


Larger organisations often benefit from having a dedicated IT team, but can find these resources quickly become occupied responding to tactical issues, leaving little time to plan strategic improvements.


With budgets under continued pressure, all organisations need to see a clear return on their IT investments, and the ability to depend on the high performance of their existing resources.

Proven IT support

With a proven track record of delivering and supporting technology and processes to improve business operations, Ricoh has a deep understanding of the challenges organisations face and how these can be addressed.


Our IT services offer:


Innovation – A dedicated focus on developments in the IT landscape enables us to continuously improve the technology and delivery processes offered as part of our IT services


Flexibility – Ricoh's IT services delivers a broad range of support to suit a wide range of organisations, from international businesses to fledgling start-ups


Local teams, global scope – A single point of contact for all Ricoh services ensures customers receive dependable, coordinated service, supported by local, Asia Pacific and global delivery teams


Transparency – We encourage customers to select the service options that provide the greatest value to their organisation, helping support a cost-effective approach that delivers a real return-on-investment


Sustainability – As a global leader in sustainable business practices and technology, Ricoh enables customers to meet their own environmental objectives while optimising operational performance


Security – Ricoh is certified to the ISO 27001 standard for Information Security Management Systems across all of its worldwide operations. Customers can rely on the integrity of our operations and understanding of their security priorities.