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Equitrac Express

Print Accountability for Education

Equitrac Express provides colleges, universities, other educational institutions and their libraries with protection against the costs and waste of uncontrolled printing.


About Equitrac Express

  • Equitrac Express software lets you track, analyze, or charge for every page output by any student, faculty member, staffer or guest on any desktop printer, networked multifunction product or walk-up copier

Features and Benefits

  • Cost reduction
  • Printing device management and utilization
  • Environmental impact
  • Institutes accountability for every page printed
  • Eliminates unauthorized, excessive or wasteful printing
  • Cost savings by directing output to the most efficient devices
  • Generates revenue from printing with allocation of costs back to individuals, departments or grants
  • Security for confidential documents
  • Simplified administration improves service levels and reduces help desk calls
  • Environmental benefits through the reduction of resources consumed

Using Equitrac Express

  • Set student print quotes, determine who may print, how many pages and to which devices
  • User's ID is required to print and every page is tracked holding user to their quota
  • Automated user PIN management
  • Print Assistant pop-up window lets users see cost, payment method and number of pages
  • Follow-You Printing lets you release print jobs at the most convenient device - anywhere on campus - so you can print where you are and avoid waiting for a device to free up
  • Secure Document Release holds confidential print jobs in a secure queue until released for print by the document owner
  • Send To printing lets users share documents by sending the ability to print to a distribution list (with or without charge)
  • Track costs of documents depending on their attributes (i.e. color, duplex, stitching, etc.) and create different charging schedules for faculty, staff, students or walk-up patrons
  • Equitrac's Device Monitoring Engine provides a single console to track devices' status including paper, toner levels, or errors
  • Administrators can re-route jobs based on device status such as paper out, offline, jam, etc.
  • Summary, detailed and total activity reports are available and data can be exported for analysis