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Pro C9100 / C9110

Technology 4-drum dry electrostatic transfer system with internal transfer belt
Fusing Oilless belt fusing method
Print Speed

Pro 9100: FC (CMYK)/BK 110ppm,

Pro 9110: FC (CMYK)/BK 130ppm

Print Max 1200 x 4800dpi VCSEL
Warm Up Time Less than 420 sec.
Dimensions (WxDxH) 2,520 x 990 x 1,500 mm
Weight Less than 1,000kg
Power Requrements 220-240V, less than 60A (30A x2), 50/60Hz
Duty Cycle 1,750K per month



Paper Capacity 1st tray (std): 2,200 sheets
2nd tray (std): 2,200 sheets
3rd-8th Tray (Optional) Vacuum Feed LCT:
2,200 sheets each
Multi-Bypass Tray (Optional): 550 sheets
Maximum Print Area 330mm x 700mm

(when using Banner Sheet Tray Option)
Paper Weight 1st tray 52-400g/m2
2nd tray 52-400g/m2
Vacuum Feed LCT: 3rd-8th tray 52-400g/m2
Banner 52-300g/m2
Multi-Bypass tray unit (Optional): 6th tray 52-216g/m2
Duplex: 52-400g/m2



Configuration External
CPU Intel i5-4570 (2.9GHz up to 3.6GHz with Turbo)
Memory 2GB x 2
CD ROM Drive Supported DVD-RW
Operating System Windows 7 Professional

for Embedded Systems x64
Configuration External
CPU Intel Xeon (Quad-Core) Xeon E5-2637

(3.5GHz up to 3.8GHz with Turbo)
Memory 2GB x 8
HDD 1TB x2 SATA / RAID 0 (for data)

500GB SATA (for OS)
CD ROM Drive Supported DVD-RW
Operating System Windows 7 Professional

for Embedded Systems x64



Vacuum Paper Feed RT5100, Bridge Unit BU5010, Vacuum Feed Banner Sheet Tray Type S3, Multi-Bypass Tray Unit (BY5010), Multi-Bypass Banner Sheet Tray Type S3, 3,000 Sheets Finisher With 100 Sheets Stapler (SR5050), Booklet Finisher (SR5060), Cover Interposer Tray (CI5030), Ring Binder (RB5020), Perfect Binder (GB5010), Multi-Folding Unit (FD5020), Booklet Trimmer (TR5040), High Capacity Stacker (SK5030).



EFI™ Digital StoreFront®, EFI™ Color Profi ler Suite, EFI™ Fiery® Graphic Arts Package Premium Edition, EFI™ Compose, SeeQuence Impose,

SeeQuence Suite, DirectSmile®, EFI™ Fiery® Central, Objectif Lune PlanetPress, Ricoh TotalFlow: PTI FusionPro®, MarcomCentral®, TotalFlow BatchBuilder, CGS ORIS Lynx & PressMatcher, Ricoh Process Director Express®, Prep, Print Manager, Production Manager & Path.



RICOH Pro C9100/C9110 comply with Energy Star 2.0 standards.

Please note: Unless stated otherwise the data used in this brochure is based on A4 80gsm Standard Media.

For availability of models, optional apparatus and software,please contact your local Ricoh representative.

All brand and/or product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.