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IP Cameras

  • Product Type : Dome
  • Maximum Resolution : 2MP
  • Application Environment : Indoor
  • Day / Night : Yes
  • Low Light Sensitivity : Superior 
  • IR LED : Adaptive IR LED
  • Lens : Fixed focal, f3.6mm / F1.85, Fixed iris, Fixed focus
  • Maximum Frame Rate vs. Resolution : 30 fps at 1920 x 1080
  • Wide Dynamic Range : Basic WDR (75 dB)
  • 2mp
  • basic_wdr
  • Day_Night
  • Superior_Low_Light_Sensitivity
  • Indoor_Dome
  • Adaptive_IR




Through the years, factory owners have sought to create a fully automated production line. New machines are continually being incorporated into the production process, moving this dream ever closer towards becoming reality. One step in reaching this goal is to enable this assortment of machines to intelligently communicate information with one another.

ACTi’s video based solution is the next leap forward. Our sophisticated video based system can integrate with a wide variety of devices and provide you with real time updates on the overall health of your facility. Experience the future today with ACTi’s integrated security and operations management solutions.

Commercial Building

Protecting the goods from damage and loss, and delivering them within the estimated arrival time are the most critical missions that logistics companies have to accoplish. However, the logistics business deals with thousands of goods and people, and therefore involves complex operation processes that cannot be efficiently accomplished only by human efforts. Our video based system is just what you need to substantially optimize your logistics business. By investing on this solution, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of more efficient operations and better security management at the same time.