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IP Cameras

  • Product Type : Speed Dome
  • Maximum Resolution : 4MP
  • Application Environment : Outdoor
  • Day / Night : Yes
  • Low Light Sensitivity : Superior
  • Lens : Zoom, f4.5 – 148.5mm / F1.6-5.0, DC iris, Auto focus
  • Maximum Frame Rate vs. Resolution : 30 fps at 1920 x 1080
  • Wide Dynamic Range : Advanced WDR (75 dB)
  • Local Storage : MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC
  • PTZ Control : Remote manual control, 10 preset tours, Auto scan
  • 4mp
  • Advanced_WDR
  • 33X_optical
  • Day_Night
  • Superior_Low_Light_Sensitivity
  • Outdoor_Speed_Dome




International companies and top retailers worldwide are seeking ways to generate profits from advanced processes in their operations, promotions, merchandising, human resources, and security management. Video based solutions are not just systems utilized for surveillance, but also as a solution with intelligent and analytical ability, creating great value in the retail environment. Investment on a video based solution is a great opportunity to reap the benefits of more efficient business operations and better security management at the same time.


Protecting the goods from damage and loss, and delivering them within the estimated arrival time are the most critical missions that logistics companies have to accoplish. However, the logistics business deals with thousands of goods and people, and therefore involves complex operation processes that cannot be efficiently accomplished only by human efforts. Our video based system is just what you need to substantially optimize your logistics business. By investing on this solution, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of more efficient operations and better security management at the same time.