Ricoh Image

    MP W6700SP Black and white wide format printer

    • Print, copy, and scan
    • 6.7 ppm—A1
    • 600 dpi
    • 15 m max print length

    Large format printing, on a small office budget

    Improve collaboration with a wide format black and white printer than can also copy,scan and send files. The MP W6700SP is designed for contractors,architects and engineers who need a cost-effective solution.

    The quiet office achiever

    Keep your office productive, without interruption. Download the Ricoh PrintCopy Tool to print and edit any file quickly to make changes and get approvals more quickly. Access shortcuts to your favourite settings with the customisable touchscreen panel. When last minute changes are made, quickly print updated documents and then scan to email, folder or USB/SD card. Noise levels are kept low to encourage focus, with a compact design to minimise space.

    Safe and sound data

    Be confident that the information you use and share is kept under wraps. A number of features are here to help with data security which is critical for your organisation’s success. Windows Authentication limits access to authorised users. PDF Encryption protects files and the optional Data Overwrite Security System keeps information in safe hands.

    1. Energy saving
      Quick Start-Up and Sleep Mode reduce energy consumption
    2. Impressive colour scanning
      Full colour scan resolution of up to 1,200 dpi
    3. Remote management 
      View, monitor and change system settings from any web browser with Web Image Monitor
    4. Compact size
      Space saving design fits easily into small offices
    Download PDF brochure


    Copy, print, scan
    Printer controller - standard
    320 GB—shared with copy, printer, and scanner applications
    Document server
    3,000 pages—storage
    Maximum 1,000 pages per document
    1.06 GHz
    Memory - standard
    2.5 GB
    Operation panel
     9-inch colour LCD operation panel
    Physical dimensions (WxDxH)—mainframe
    1,250 x 755 x 1,215 mm
    267 kg
    Average monthly volume
    350–470 metres
    Max monthly volume
    3,000 metres
    Machine life
    1,683,000 copies or 5 years, whichever comes first
    PM cycle
    16,840 copies or 10,000 metres
    7,700 copies or 4,565 metres
    14,160 copies or 8,400 metres
    Supply yields
    1,430 m per 800g toner cartridge 

    30,000 m (1 kg x 2 bags) developer

    Note: 2 bags required for setup. 
    All yields are measured with the A1/6% Ricoh chart.
    Standard input capacity (sheets)
    2 paper rolls—2-roll feeder
    1 sheet—bypass tray
    Standard output capacity (sheets)

    99 sheets plain paper—A1 LEF
    10 sheets application paper—A1 LEF 1 sheet film

    10 sheets plain paper—A1 portrait, A0 SEF 
    1 sheet application paper—A1 portrait, A0 SEF 1 sheet film

    Paper input configuration - standard
    1-sheet bypass tray, 2-roll feeder
    Paper output configuration - standard
    Original stacker, rear straight through tray
    Paper output configuration - optional
    Original tray, original hanger, multi-stacker
    Maximum paper size
    914 mm x 15,000 mm
    Media weight (g/m2)
    Limitless paper supply
    Supported—only with roll feeder option
    Interfaces - standard
    Gigabit Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-Tx/1000Base-T)
    USB 2.0
    SD card slot
    Interfaces - optional
    IEEE802.11a/g/n (Wireless LAN) with WPA support
    IEEE 1284
    SD card for NetWare printing
    2 x option slots
    USB Host interface for third party IC card reader
    Network protocols - standard
    TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6)
    Network protocols - optional
    IPX/SPX—with NetWare printing option
    MIB support
    MIB-II (RFC1213)
    Host Resources MIB (RFC1514)
    Printer MIB (RFC1759)
    SNMP v3 (RFC2574)

    Ricoh original MIB
    Copy speed
    6.7 cpm—A1 LEF
    First copy time
    18 seconds or less—A1 LEF, from roll feeder
    Copy resolution
    600 dpi
    Original size

    914.4 x 15,000 mm

    960 mm—maximum original width
    15,000 mm—maximum original length

    Original paper width
    210, 257, 297, 364, 420, 440, 490, 515, 594, 620, 625, 680, 707, 728, 841, 880, 914.4 mm (marking only for 490, 680 mm)

    Note: APS and rotate sort do not work for 440, 490, 620, 625, 680, 707, 880 mm
    Original feed
    Original paper output
    Rear straight through, original front upper
    Original stacker
    Rear straight through
    100 sheets—A2 LEF or less
    1 sheet—A1 LEF or more
    Copy size

    914 x 15,000 mm—roll feeder
    914 x 2,000 mm—bypass tray

    210 x 210 mm

    Copy paper width
    210, 257, 297, 364, 420, 440, 490, 515, 594, 620, 625, 660, 680, 707, 728, 800, 841, 880, 914.4 mm
    Copy paper feed
    Original rear straight through, original inner output
    Set position
    Reproduction ratio
    Paper cut method
    Preset size, synchronised cut, variable cut
    256 levels—scanning
    2 levels—writing
    Image shift
    Front, rear, left, right—0 to ± 200 x 1 mm
    Number of pages for preset jobs
    A0—100 or more
    A1—100 or more
    A2—200 or more
    A3—400 or more
    A4—400 or more
    Emergency stop
    Empty information
    Roll—5 degrees
    Zoom range
    25%–400% in 0.1% steps
    Enlargement ratios
    141.4%, 200%, 282.8%, 400%
    Reduction ratios
    25%, 35.4%, 50%, 70.7%
    Image density adjustment
    Lighter to darker, 9 levels
    Image density adjustment
    9 steps—automatic, manual
    Copy modes
    Text mode, Text/Photo mode, Photo mode, Drawing mode, Generation Text mode, Generation Photo mode, Pasted Original mode, Background Line mode, Highlighter mode
    Paper selection

    Automatic Paper Selection (APS)
    1st roll tray—available when roll feeder option is installed
    2nd roll tray—only available when 2-roll feeder option is installed
    A2 cutsheet tray (optional)
    Bypass tray

    Automatic paper selection (APS)
    Interrupt copy
    Electronic sorting
    Standard—not available for custom sizes 880, 800, 707, 680, 660, 625, 620, 490, 440 mm
    Margin/erase adjustment
    Margin adjustment
    0–200 mm  in 1 mm steps

    Edge—3–50 mm
    Inside—5 areas (A0 or less)
    Outside—1 area (A0 or less)
    Image adjustment
    Image overlay, format overlay, negative or positive, mirroring, double copy, repeat copy (1-99, 10-key input)
    8 stamps; upper right, upper centre, upper left, centre right, centre, centre left, lower right, lower centre, lower left

    User presets
    Maximum 40 stamps; upper right, upper centre, upper left, centre right, centre, centre left, lower right, lower centre, lower left

    Date stamp
    Upper right, upper centre, upper left, lower right, lower centre, lower left

    Page stamp
    Upper right, upper centre, upper left, lower right, lower centre, lower left
    Other copy features
    Non-standard size input, original insertion direction, designated width scan, half speed scan, sample copy (1st set out of multiple sets is printed) , partial copy (210–30,000 mm length can be defined as partial), combine (up to A2 size), clear (clear/stop key), copy auto clear, auto off, Energy Saver key, auto Energy Saver Mode, reset key, auto start, user code, key operator code, display of paper type, auto reduce and enlargement, user auto reduce and enlargement, preset reduce and enlargement, zoom
    Print speed colour

    Print speed black and white
    6.7 ppm
    Printing process
    Electro-photographic printing
    Heat and pressure

    Roller materials
    Teflon—heat roller
    Silicone rubber—pressure roller

    Fusing oil
    Minimal used
    Toner development
    Magnetic brush dual component dry toner system
    Print resolution
    600 dpi
    Page description languages (PDLs)
    PostScript 3, RPCS, HP-GL, HP-GL2 (HP-RTL), TIFF (CALS)
    Printer driver resolution

    600 dpi

    PostScript 3
    300, 600 dpi

    400, 600 dpi

    200, 300, 400, 600 dpi

    136 European fonts—PostScript 3
    Supported file formats
    PrintTool software
    HP-GL, HP-GL2, HP-RTL, TIFF, WMF, BMP, CALS, PCX, JPEG, PDF (up to v1.7), Calcomp, XLS, DOC/DOCX, PPT

    Note: XLS, DOC/DOCX, PPT file formats are supported only when printing status is ready with installed printer driver

    PrintCopyTool software—optional
    Non-printable area
    Leading edge—5 mm
    Trailing edge—5 mm
    Each side—5 mm
    Other print features
    Sample print, Locked print, Hold print, Stored print, Stored print (shared), Store and print, Store and print (shared), PDF Direct Print, Counter blade cleaning system, Charge system—Scorotron (corona charge), File format converter
    Scan speed
    80 mm/second—black and white
    26.7 mm/second—colour
    Scan methods
    Colour scanning
    Scan mode
    Black and white
    Drawing (default), Text, Text/Photo, Text/Drawing, Photo, Greyscale

    Text/Photo, Photo
    Scan resolution

    600 dpi, TWAIN—1,200 dpi

    Optical resolution 
    Scan to email/folder—150, 200 (default), 300, 400, 600 dpi
    TWAIN—150–1,200 dpi

    Automatic size detection
    Auto detect, preset paper size, custom size
    Original size
    914.4 x 15,000 mm—maximum, 210 x 210 mm—minimum
    Image edit
    Erase border, positive/negative, mirror image
    Image density adjustment
    Lighter to darker, 9 levels
    Scan to email
    SMTP (mail server) gateway and TCP/IP 

    SMTP, POP before SMTP authentication

    150, 200 (default), 300, 400, 600 dpi 

    Supported file types
    Multipage TIFF (default), single page TIFF, single- and multipage PDF, single page JPEG, single- and multipage high compression PDF, PDF/A
    Scan to email—other features
    Compression method 
    1 bit—MH, MR, MMR (default). It can be changed in SP mode.
    JPEG—Supported (default) 
    High compression—Not supported

    Maximum email addresses
    2.000 addresses 

    Maximum group address
    Standard 100 groups (Maximum 500 addresses per group) 

    Maintain email addresses
    Via operation panel, Web Image Monitor

    Address search
    Mainframe address book—email and folder search available
    LDAP—email address search available

    Input of destination email address
    Via soft key—maximum 100 destinations per job

    Maximum addresses per send
    500—from HDD
    100—Direct input

    To, cc, bcc 

    Body message
    Manual input—supported
    User presets—Not supported
    Preset message—This e-mail includes attached file sent from <device name>.

    Scan to email size
    With restriction—128–102,400 KB, default 2,048 KB
    Without restriction—975 MB

    Other features
    PDF security setting, program user setting—up to 10 programs, divide and send email, resend email
    Scan to folder
    SMB, FTP, NCP 

    Client folder login (login name and password), encryption of login name and password during transmission 

    150, 200 (default), 300, 400, 600 dpi 

    Search client folder
    SMB—browsing directly to the designated folders
    FTP—by client folder name 

    Supported file types
    Multipage TIFF (default), single page TIFF, single- and multipage PDF, single page JPEG, high compression PDF, PDF/A
    Scan to folder—other features
    Register client folder address
    Maximum 2,000 folders 

    Maintain client folder address
    Direct input on operation panel, Web Image Monitor 

    Destination client folder address input via operation panel 
    SMB—network path->client folder->password
    FTP server—network path->user account->password

    Maximum folders per send

    Group address
    Maximum 100 destinations (to folder 50, to email 100) 

    Scan file size
    Up to 2,000 MB 

    Scan to folders size when combined with scan to email
    128–45,389 KB, default—2,048 KB (with restriction)

    Other features
    PDF security setting, program user setting, resend, destination combination
    TWAIN scanning—other features
    Standard size
    A4–A0, B4–B1

    Image adjustment
    XY resolution, brightness, contrast, threshold/gamma adjustment, halftone pattern, rotation, mirror, tone reversal

    Minimum required memory for operating system + 8 MB

    Pentium 150 MHz or more, or minimum required CPU for operating system

    More than 100 MB of disk space is required

    Network protocols
    TWAIN scanning
    Black and white
    150–1,200 dpi in 1 dpi steps

    150–600 dpi

    Scan mode
    Standard, photo, OCR, filing
    Other scan features
    Preview before transmission, automatic file naming and number setting, simultaneous transmission, Encrypted PDF transmission, Edit (erase border, positive/negative, mirror image), network TWAIN as a bundled scanner driver
    Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS) - Optional
    Type H—supports the requirements for Common Criteria certification, conforming to IEEE 2600.1
    Authentication password encryption
    Encrypted communication over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
    HDD data encryption—optional HDD encryption unit is required
    Locked print data encryption
    Address book encryption
    Encryption of data sent via Scan to email (S/MIME)
    PDF encryption (password and transmission)
    User authentication—Windows (via Kerberos), LDAP, basic, user code 
    Administrator authentication
    802.1x wired authentication 
    Other security features
    Secure Internet Protocol communication (IPsec)
    SNMPv3 support
    Restrict use of destination for ‘scan to’ functions
    Permit adding destinations for ‘scan to’ destinations 
    PostScript 3 
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Windows 8.1
    Windows 10
    Windows Server 2003
    Windows Server 2008
    Windows Server 2008 R2
    Windows Server 2012
    Windows Server 2012 R2
    Mac OS 10.7 or later—PostScript 3
    Supported languages
    English, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish
    @Remote Embedded
    Web Image Monitor
    Device SDK
    @Remote Office
    Device Manager NX
    Power source
    220–240 V, 50–60 Hz, 8 A (max)
    Power consumption
    1,840 W—maximum power 
    1 Wh or less—Energy Saver Mode (Sleep Mode)
    Warm-up time
    120 seconds or less
    Recovery time
    30 seconds or less—from Auto Off Timer (Off Mode)
    120 seconds or less—from Energy Saver Mode (Sleep Mode)
    Sound power level
    49 dB or less—standby
    72 dB or less—copying
    Emission levels
    Ozone—3.0 mg/h or less
    Dust—4.0 mg/h or less
    Styrene—1.8 mg/h or less
    Benzene—0.05 mg/h
    Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC)—18 mg/h
    Reduction of environmentally sensitive materials
    All free
    Environmental standards
    Energy Star
    EPEAT Gold
    R&TTE—2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
    C-Tick—Australia, New Zealand
    RCM–New Zealand
    EN62311 (CE marking)
    Directive 2006/66/EC
    Directive 94/62/EC
    India E-waste
    Safety standards
    CE Marking
    GS Mark (TUV certification authority)
    CB Certification
    EMC—Australia (RCM Mark)
    NZEMC (RCM Mark)
    Identification of plastic components
    All plastic components weighing more than 25 g are identified in accordance with DIN548490 and ISO11469.