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    RICOH InfoPrint Manager™

    Track all print operations across your enterprise centrally

    Big organisations produce big output which can be tricky to manage. RICOH InfoPrint Manager™ helps automate job flows, and monitor print jobs from a single point.

    Manage all print devices, even from multiple vendors. Improve data security and prevent leaks, while also speeding up response times, and tracking all jobs, wherever they are in your network.

    Central control for all output

    A flexible software solution designed for large organisations, InfoPrint Manager provides one place for all print management. You can support output from SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards and other programs across all devices. Print complex jobs quickly with more efficient data streams and better resource management. Security measures can be added with improved monitoring, like only releasing print jobs once a user has logged in at a printer.

    1. Tailored for you
      Web based interface can be customised to your needs
    2. Keep up to date
      Receive status updates and notifications be sent by email, mobile device or on‑screen
    3. Across the board support
      InfoPrint Manager supports most operating systems and ERP platforms
    4. Reduce errors
      Check print jobs on the graphical user interface before sending them to print
    5. Integrate with SAP
      Manage InfoPrint in conjunction with SAP for easy management