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    PlanetPress Connect

    Transform your print and mailing jobs, saving costs and time

    Take all your business communications and manage them from one central point. PlanetPress Connect is a software solution designed to manage all your print and mailing jobs.

    • Deliver stronger customer communications
    • Improve your printing capabilities
    • Simplify and improve data use

    Empower your B2C communications

    Personalise your printed or online collateral, reducing cost while improving impact. PlanetPress Connect integrates with your existing systems, including ERP and CRM, and simplifies data access for creating personalised documents. Workflows for both simple and complex task improve how documents and data are handled.

    1. Personalised printing
      Use personalised, dynamic layouts and graphics that reflects data
    2. Automated
      Archive files on a regular basis and send email alerts when documents are received
    3. Connected
      Merge to postal applications and add inserter control marks, for more efficient
    4. Data mapper
      Map data from multiple sources to create one unified data model
    5. More ways to connect with your customer
      Communicate with your customers with a combination of web, email and print