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    RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder™

    Hassle-free management of all your short run print jobs

    It’s like a match-maker for your print room. RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder™ will take all the one-off and short run jobs and schedule them for you.

    It works by identifying similar jobs and batching them together to produce a longer run, delivering cost efficiencies. You decide what criteria is used to batch jobs, it then simplifies and automates multiple steps of short-run digital production.

    Less hassle, more production

    Install TotalFlow BatchBuilder in as little as 10 minutes, and then discover a hands-off approach to print management. It uses the criteria you set, like document size, paper type and finishing style, and batches 'like' jobs to devices, even from multiple vendors. Operators have centralised control to manage, monitor and track a high volume of small jobs. You can quickly add or delete jobs from any batch as needed. It runs scenarios to improve scheduling to identify the most productive, cost-effective outcomes.

    1. Remote access
      Log in from anywhere via a browser based interface to manage and control jobs
    2. Easy viewing
      Download, view and open PDFs with the PDF viewer
    3. Keep in touch
      Receive email alerts for errors and issues that could slow down production
    4. Track and scan
      Track job states and locations with barcodes
    5. Translatable
      BatchBuilder can talk to other systems via XML, JDF, CSV or PDF to map job ticket information