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Open Bee™ Sphere

Collaborate on files securely with anyone on any device

Today, 70% of companies have employees that use non-approved collaboration tools to share information with their business contacts.

Is your organisation well prepared to beat these cyber risks? Are you well protected against illegitimate access to corporate data, intellectual property theft and lack of confidentiality regarding sensitive documents?

Take advantage of Open Bee™ Sphere to create private workspaces in seconds and collaborate securely with anyone on any device, inside or outside of your organisation.

Collaborate on documents

Open Bee™ Sphere allows you to create secure and private workspaces in seconds. You can invite anyone inside or outside your organisation to collaborate, and also define access rights for each of your contact.


  1. Work securely with anyone  
    Invite anyone inside or outside your organisation to securely collaborate with you. Define specific access rights for each of your contacts to enable them to view, download, print, and share the content.
  2. Collaborate on documents  
    Simply drag and drop documents into your digital workplace to make them available for anyone you’ve invited and automatically notify your contacts about published, modified, or approved documents.
  3. Keep your data safe and secure
    High security encryption in transit using HTTPS and 256-bit encryption of files and folders ensure sensitive documents don’t fall into the wrong hands.
  4. Track user activity
    In-depth capabilities to log and track user activity, file history, and compliance reports.