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Kofax® Equitrac®

Make it easier to print documents while keeping down the costs

Track, allocate, and reduce spending associated with printing. Kofax® Equitrac® gives you the ability to track the charges of printing documents, andadd print rules to reduce expensive printing.

Add the convenience of printing from any networked device by releasing jobs at the device. If your closest printer is out of toner, you can print from adifferent one without resending it. Move print jobs to more cost-effectivedevices.

Kofax® Equitrac®

A solution that adds accountability and convenience to printing. Print jobs canbe securely released from any printer at any location on the network. Costscan be better managed with the ability to assign cost allocations. Chargedifferent costs for jobs that include colour or other rules you assign. Divertprint jobs to a more appropriate printer. Secure Document Release holdsconfidential documents in the print queue until the document owner releasesit for print. Administrators can centrally monitor and manage all devices andanalyse reports to identify issues and solutions.

  1. Print from any printer
    Send a file to print, but then choose where and when to print it with FlexRelease
  2. Track costs
    Create charging schedules for printing and track costs for documents basedon their attributes, such as colour, duplex and finishing
  3. Print confidential documents, confidentially
    With Secure Document Release, documents will only print once you’re thereto release it from the printer
  4. Introduce printing rules
    To help reduce costs, you can reroute print jobs so they are more cost-effective to a more suitable printer
  5. Add accountability
    Monitor your print fleet’s status as well as review reports to analyse how tomake it better