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RICOH Streamline NX V3 Scan and Capture Option

Improve productivity with quicker access to scanning options

Add this solution onto RICOH Streamline NX V3 to access a wide rangeof advanced scanning options that also keeps information secure. The Scan and Capture Option delivers a complete scanning solution based on userprofiles.
  • 98.8% accuracy for file conversion
  • Improve results with preview function
  • Easily distribute, share, and store files
  • Convert images in any format

Customisable to suit your workflow

Combined with Ricoh Streamline NX V3, a strong optical characterrecognition (OCR) reader will scan and produce accurate digital files frompaper. Assign user access to specific scanning workflows, choosing from avariety of authentication methods. Add the option to capture specific datausing bar codes to create automated workflows. The preview function makessure the results meet expectations. Add Bates stamping, watermarks andediting to suit your organisation’s needs.

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  1. Advanced scanning
    Pick the file format for you, with TIFF, JPEG, PNG and password protected,high compression PDF format available
  2. Connect with your business
    Scan and route files into your business applications, including MicrosoftSharePoint® and One Drive®
  3. Share information easily
    Route files to email, network and home folders as well as ECM, FTP, fax andother systems
  4. Keep control of use
    Add card authentication for customisable scanning workflows for specificusers