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On-demand Printing

Print documents stored anywhere in the world, directly from your MFP

On-demand printing allows users to print documents stored at any location around the world directly from an MFP at the touch of a button! Many industries have tasks especially healthcare and education that do not require a PC workstation, but do require forms, manuals, and other fixed documentation provided at various distribution stations. This leads to excess copies, hard-to-update material, supply shortages, and time-intensive manual distribution and inventory tracking. With On-demand Printing, MFPs can provide up-to-date documentation to employees all over the world while maximizing an organisation's cost-savings and workflow efficiency.

About On-demand Printing

  • Users simply and securely print documents stored in a remote location accessed directly from your MFP - no PC necessary.
  • Administrators manage and update document files at their PC, and upload new versions to an HTTP server, guaranteeing up-to-date documentation availability in real-time.
  • In a typical working environment, only users with PC access are able to print documents as needed. With On-demand Printing, all employees with access to an MFP can print whatever is needed, whenever it's needed.

Features and Benefits

  • Secure, central HTTP server provides speedy distribution combined with minimal storage and inventory tracking.
  • Saves money by reducing paper wastage and unnecessary printing.
  • User-friendly directory organisation allows intuitive understanding of storage.
  • Organisations no longer need to track shortages and out-of-date supplies, and users no longer need to chase down missing paper materials.
  • Minimal deployment requirements mean low-cost implementation and administration.
  • Administrators can manage MFP security and prevent users from changing settings via the MFP operation panel.
  • Administrators can quickly manage, add and update document files on the central HTTP server from their PC.

Using On-demand Printing

  • On-demand Printing is installed on the MFP via a Secure Digital (SD) card.
  • A specially configured HTTP server centrally stores the desired documents.
  • Your organisation's workflow remains practically unaffected even after the system is in place, and users require only minimal training.
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