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Ricoh Unified Communication System Apps for Mac

Unified Communication Systems

Ricoh Unified Communication System Apps for Mac

This is real-time mobile visual communication that integrates audio, video and document files. Available as an app for your tablet, you can communicate from anywhere with anyone as if you were face to face. Now freer and wider ranging, visual communication has moved to the next level.

  • WiFi

This new form of communication will greatly transform the business scene

By providing people with smooth visual communication in real time, RICOH Unified Communication System Apps brings business collaboration to a whole new level. For instance, sales activities out in the field can be enhanced by providing remote specialised support. This could significantly save time and improve sales productivity. Issues can be shared and resolved in a timely manner, bringing greater satisfaction to your customers. Meanwhile, this will also contribute to the reduction of travel time and expense while bringing a variety of other benefits to your business.

Cloud-based Communication System

The RICOH communication system is a cloud-based communication platform that enables real time interactive audio and video transmission across multiple locations. Users can now communicate across various devices including RICOH UCS P3000 models, tablets and personal computers wherever and whenever they want to.

Connection up to 20 locations

The ability to connect to a large number of sites as a standard feature was made possible through the adoption of the H.264/SVC video coding standard. With Ricoh Unified Communication System, connection up to 20 locations is now possible. In addition, users can now perform screen sharing* during the meetings resulting in effective and efficient communication across multiple locations.

*On tablet computers, materials can be received but not sent.

Note: The number of sites which can be simultaneously displayed on a personal computer is nine, but this varies depending on the CPU. The number of sites which can be simultaneously displayed on a tablet computer is four.

Smooth Video Communication

To ensure smooth and uninterrupted communication during meetings, resolution and frame rates are automatically controlled and adjusted based on available bandwidth within the network.

High level of security

While audio and video data travels across the data centre to multiple devices, none of the data is stored on the server. The data are also encrypted to prevent eavesdropping by external parties. The data centre that facilitates the communication is managed by RICOH where we maintain strong level of security and integrity for our customers. You can therefore feel secure about using this system even for highly important and confidential meetings.