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Market Application Suite

Running business efficiently

ACTi Market Application Suite (MAS) is a cloud-ready solution that uses video analytics to optimise business intelligence and operation management through comprehensive reports and real-time event handling. It aggregates big data into dynamic and easy-to-understand insights. The suite focuses primarily on solutions for Retail, Logistics and Commercial Buildings. However, ACTi is also experienced in tailoring MAS for requirements of customers in variety of other markets, for instance, Factories or Parking Lots.

Why choose ACTi MAS

  1. Metadata aggregator
    Process a variety of different types of metadata and perform meaningful comparisons to provide managers a clearer picture of their business
  2. Real time notification
    Keep track of the metrics important to you with real time updates
  3. Rule engine maker
    MAS platform can be customised according to personal habits and also integrate with third party systems
  4. End-to-end solution
    Incorporates cameras, analytics servers, and the MAS Server to provide a complete solution capable of meeting all your needs
  5. Flexible MAS type
    ACTi provides MAS in three forms: standalone, software based, and cloud based to meet the needs of any installation environment
  • Retail

    Business intelligence

    Retail in-store dashboard reports for Traffic (People Count & Weather), Demographics (Age & Gender), Customer Pathway (Heat Maps), Interest Zones (Dell Time) and Point-of-Sales (POS) transactions.

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  • Logistics & Warehouse

    Operation management

    Robust solution for Logistics Centers & Warehouse that includes Video Analytics event management and Warehouse Traffic Optimization.

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  • License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

    Operation management

    Combines data from multiple ALPR servers and enables blacklists and whitelist license plates notifications. Advanced search functionalities and graphic reports with exporting options.

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