Event Recording - Best Practices for Transitioning to Safe and Flexible Workplace

20 May 2021

Ricoh and Smarten Spaces are partnering together to help organizations elevate employee experience, improve HR & Administration productivity in workforce and capacity management, and implement safe distancing as they navigate through government regulations for a safe and flexible workplace.

Join this discussion to learn from the experience of Smarten Spaces in helping businesses in 70+ cities globally to adopt the new way of working in a flexible and hybrid manner.

Here’s what the webinar will address:

  • How to manage staggered start times and flexible work hours for your workforce?
  • How to maintain the desired level of occupancy while managing employee work schedules to foster collaboration?
  • How to manage desks or meeting room bookings as we maintain safety best practices?
  • What would my technology adoption journey look like?
  • How long does it take to adopt such technology solutions?
  • How can technology help implement safety protocols?
  • How can I bring stakeholders from HR, Facilities, Real estate, IT together on one platform to manage this transition?


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