Webinar Recording - Cybersecurity: The Weakest Link. IS IT YOU?

22 Jul 2021

So, what does our move forward towards digital transformation & a hybrid workstyle means for all of us? It is the ability to work anytime, anywhere on our devices. However, unprotected devices are a gateway to malware, susceptible especially from open networks. Adding on to the gravity are ignorant users who unintentionally allow entry of phishing emails. Protect & secure your most valuable assets today. Take control of the human element of security. Practise zero trust defence. Your best defence for business continuity starts with Ricoh Singapore & Vigilant Asia.


Covid-19 has accelerated remote working. These could be your cybersecurity checklist:

  • Have you ensured safety in all your employee's devices from all possible cyber attacks' malware?
  • WFH with home network, is it 100% foolproof & secured?
  • How do you ensure WFH employee network safety?

Protect your business from emerging threats starts today.


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