Infographics - Breaking Down Complexities: Automate Invoice Processing In 3 Steps

12 Jan 2022

Do you know in Singapore; YOU ARE REQUIRED TO KEEP YOUR RECORDS FOR 5 YEARS! Can you imagine the amount of time wasted & work done to keep track of past records (5 years = 60 months = 1,825 days of records) for auditing if you did not have a proper system that can help you to index, save & track your records?

So, that is why even IRAS is advocating proper internal record controls.

Check out this interesting infographic on the potential dangers of manual paperwork processes in a digitised world.

With Ricoh Digital Workplace Solution, Intelligent Invoice Processing Solution you can

  1. Provide your team with the information they need, any time, any place & from any device
  2. Solely focuses on employees with high-value knowledge-driven work by eliminating manual tasks
  3. Have a digital archival system with a workflow in place
  4. Save time & worry-free because the backup is in cloud or remote site which can be retrieved in 5 minutes

Learn how you can transform one part of your workflow digitally. Talk to us today to find out how you can automate your company invoice processing procedure.


Ricoh Intelligent Invoice Processing
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