Infographics - A Simple Must-Haves Digital Work Tools: E-Signatory Solutions

19 Jan 2022

Are you still practising the traditional way of signing off documents? Check out this interesting infographic on the potential dangers of traditional sign-off.

Do you know?

Without the necessary e-sign tool

  • The turnaround time to get each completed document signed us down by 80%
  • Workflow flow completion rate is down by 26%
  • Your sales cycle is down by 10 days, hindered by slow mail, finding the correct tools, passing hardcopy along to necessary parties to sign off & the list continues
  • Hard time tracking paper trails therefore a sudden explosion of to-do list stuck at super urgent, super important to do worklist

With Ricoh Digital Workplace Solution, E- Signatory Solution, you can increase your team sales performance by closing sales up to 33% faster & speeding document completion by 80%.

Learn how you can transform one part of your workflow digitally. Talk to us today & let our consultant share with you the 7 best practices for a digital signature workflow.

Having a good understanding of your signature workflow will help you understand what you need to drive process automation.


E-signatory solution
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