Infographics - Are You Ready For A Hybrid Workplace?

20 Jan 2022

Still thinking about workspace management solution? Check out the pitfalls illustrated in this infographics.

Enter the new way of working. Ricoh Singapore Workspace Management Solution uses AI technology to help simplify the management of space and employee returning schedules, ensuring social distancing and capacity.

  1. Optimise your workplace automatically with intelligent meeting room booking; it ensures your employees have the space they need to attend the meeting in person or remotely & able to view colleagues' schedules to plan meeting effectively.
  2. Create employee experience & optimisation by deploying Desk Management driven by AI booking recommendations.
  3. Create employee safety by deploying workplace social distancing & employee screening.

You can empower every employee with the ultimate flexibility of a hybrid scheduler to create & manage schedules because we know every team has its working preferences that make them productive.

Let us help you increase productivity & collaboration so that your employees can create meaningful engagements within your company while you stay focused on your core business.

The desk will no longer be the cornerstone of the office. You can now recreate the way you work with Ricoh Singapore Workspace Management Solution.

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