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28 Jan 2022

Covid-19 has changed our lives around. We often wonder if we can ever get back to a Covid-19 free office? For the companies, the welfare of employees is of utmost concern; thus, how can companies protect their employees & provide a safe environment for employees to return to their workplaces?

Conditions of offices & companies are primarily in an indoor environment with a centralised air-con unit (AHU). Indoor air can be many times more polluted than outdoor air because it does not benefit from a natural cleaning agent, UV light, the primary cleaning agent of outdoor air.

Workplace BioZone

Some key points from current NEA (National Environment Agency) regulation to combat the spread of Covid-19 includes:

  • Minimise indoor air re-circulation; use of high-efficiency filters in AHUs to treat recirculated air:
  1. Use of high-efficiency filters (at least MERV14 or F8 is recommended) in AHUs to treat recirculated air. Filters should be installed appropriately & maintained according to manufacturers’ recommendations.
  2. The use of air-cleaning technologies such as ultra-germicidal irradiation (UVGI) in AHUs may be considered to augment MERV14 filters. Efficacy & safety of all air-cleaning devices under operating conditions must be evaluated.
  • Increase ventilation in premises with limited ventilation & air-filtration provision (e.g. meeting rooms with only Fan Coil Unit (FCU)):
  1. Consider positioning fans at windows to blow air outwards & increase air exchange.


Consider a hassle-free solution that does not need filter maintenance & is highly effective in continuous air & surface disinfection—a solution for offices & companies with either AHU & FCU.

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