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28 Apr 2022

Ricoh's digital workplace services

Building a Digital Workplace is more than simply adding a few devices and connecting them to the network. The digital transformation journey begins with a structured workplace consultancy, design, and implementation.

Ben Chong, our MD, envisioned an agile workspace that encompasses space, people, and technology in 2019. An agile workspace that allows employees to choose where they want to work. This approach is very much in line with Ricoh Singapore's work culture to foster flexibility in terms of communications and collaboration and promote higher productivity while catering to the well-being of our employees.

Ricoh's Digital Workplace Services integrates People, Space, and Technology as the core Workplace design elements. Ricoh Singapore can transform a physical office space using proven Workplace Analysis, Workplace Design & Workplace Change Management programmes.

  • Workplace analysis
    • Identify & fill digital gaps
    • Boost staff engagement
    • Increase productivity
    • Reduce costs
    • Relationship between space, people & technology
  • Workplace design
    • Refresh workspace purpose
    • Automate key functions with technology
    • Clever use of space to enhance collaboration & communication
  • Workplace change management
    • People are the most important element
    • Listen to the voice of employees
    • Prepare for Change
    • Manage the transition

Ricoh digital transformation strategy

To provide an agile workplace and workflow, the office must reconsider integrating people/technology and space in the office workplace to support agile workers & hybrid work mode.

Ricoh's latest digital workplace with expertise and services from four main pillars will support customers in unlocking opportunities. By adopting a Digital Transformation strategy, businesses can power up by improving cost and process efficiency, optimizing resources and space allocations, delighting employees, and strengthening competitiveness.

  • A Digital Workflow & Automation

    Empower your employees to work seamlessly anywhere & everywhere while maintaining smooth collaboration & communication, enhancing productivity, creativity &, in turn, work-life balance.

  • A Hybrid Workplace

    To support an agile workplace and workflow, the office must reconsider integrating people, technology, and space to sustain an agile workforce & a hybrid work mode.

  • Cybersecurity

    Your network, endpoint, and email security protect more than your business. They protect all the companies you do business with. And cyber security involves more than defense against cybercriminals and hackers. Even disgruntled employees pose a cyber security risk.

  • Cloud & IT

    Protect your business, stay competitive & ensure business agility with our scalable cloud infrastructure & managed IT services