The Cloud Computing Advantage

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For most businesses today, technology is the game changer that can determine success or failure. As such, it is important to choose the right mix that fits existing needs and future requirements.

Choosing the right technology platform, is a major decision that requires serious consideration.

When deciding which technology to invest in, there are five criteria that businesses will need to carefully consider.


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Between Cloud and On-Premises

What should you consider when choosing between cloud and on-premises options for your business applications and customer data platforms? Let’s compare what each option has to offer.

Complexities of on-site servers

When you host business applications and customer data on your premises, you will need to physically house the actual servers, as well as other related IT equipment. You will also have to handle related maintenance and upkeep tasks.

This can require specialised hardware and skilled personnel, which translate into higher costs. Furthermore, the extra layers of complexity associated with hosting on-site servers may adversely impact productivity as team members are required to take on additional maintenance tasks.

Unlocking greater performance with the cloud

Running business applications and storing data in the cloud can free businesses from having to dedicate physical space and the required expenses to house on-premises servers. This can help businesses scale to adapt to changing conditions, offering agility and flexibility without having to worry about hardware, personnel, or maintenance.

Using cloud resources can help you unlock business agility, improve security, and lower operating costs. All these can help resolve business challenges so you can focus on what is important—keeping your customers happy and running your business efficiently.

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5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

  1. Promotes ESG and Lowers Costs

    An advantage of managed cloud services for the ESG-conscious is a lower carbon footprint from its inherent energy savings. This is good for the planet and your bottom line.

  2. Reduces In-House IT Needs

    Housing your applications and data in the cloud reduces the need for full-time IT experts, as cloud computing services don’t require you to conduct maintenance or upgrades.

  3. Reduces Hardware Footprint

    Setting up on the cloud is relatively easy, as it doesn’t require investing valuable funds into specialised IT devices, equipment, or servers. All you will need is a secure internet connection and computers.

  4. Increases Productivity

    Using the cloud gives your employees access to best-in-class technologies that empower them to be more productive.

  5. Enhances Security

    Cloud service providers operate at scale and can field advanced security features like network segmentation, virtual servers, secure encryption, and built-in firewalls.

Moving to the cloud

Hosting business applications and customer data on the cloud has been proven to deliver the best results for today’s businesses. Moving to the cloud will give your business access to flexibility and advantages that will empower business success.

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We have documented our experience over the years and used them to form a high-level cloud migration journey framework, available inside this eBook.

Download the eBook

If you’d like to read the eBook, download it here:

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