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Ricoh SmartPod

Creating Private Workspace Without Renovation

Ricoh SmartPods are purpose-built meeting booths that are self-contained, modular, sound-insulated without the need to build permanent walls and fixtures. It comes in different sizes and all pods are equipped with comfortable seating, power sockets with USB, smart lighting and ventilation system for maximum comfort.

Why Choose Ricoh SmartPod?

  • Reduce renovation costs by up to 70%

    Ricoh SmartPods are a cost-effective alternative compared to building a meeting room from scratch. You incur only a fraction of traditional fit-out costs.

  • Quick installation

    Each SmartPod can be installed in 1 day – no fuss, no mess, with minimum disruption to your office routine.

  • Highly flexible

    These purpose-built SmartPods are highly versatile. They are easily reconfigured and relocated with minimum disruption to your workplace.

  • Enable hybrid working

    Each SmartPod is optional equipped with built-in video conferencing functions, supporting in-office and remote office workers to connect and collaborate seamlessly.

SmartPod Duo Quad Premium

Key features

  • Built-in Smart Lighting Control

  • Optional Air Purifier

  • Built-in ventilation

  • Sound isolating

  • International voltage (UK standard) power sockets with USB

Optional Accessories

Improving Workplace Collaboration

Collaboration Package

Ricoh SmartPod - optoional accesories

Enables better communications and Decision-making among bigger Groups with real-time remote document sharing, from any location

Optimizing Office Space Usage

Ricoh SmartPod - optoional accesories

Manage room booking anytime, anywhere with real time reporting of occupancy utilization 


Air Purifier + Disinfection

Ricoh SmartPod - optoional accesories

Keep your office clean and hygienic by removing over 99.95% of airborne particles, bacteria and viruses


SMARTPOD Software Components

Web App for Booking

  • Simple, real-time booking confirmation and access (for meeting rooms) via QR code 
  • ‘Grey-label’ solution promoting your brand
  • Potential integration into existing client digital assets
SmartPod software components