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Smart meetings

Overcome the separation of space and stay connected
Adapt to change and meet disruption head-on without stopping your business.

Formal meetings are still important for collaboration. And smart meeting rooms mean everyone can be involved, wherever they are.

Unlock your workplace and overcome distance with Ricoh’s Smart Meetings allowing you to work and stay connected from home, collaborate with anyone while working from the office, connect students with their teachers, and doctors with their patients via secure, cloud video conferencing

Digital workspace

Collaboration in digital workplaces is more than sitting together. You need the tools to get people working together – in the office, from home or out in the field. Start a revolution with meetings that get things done and efficient use of people and space.

Meeting rooms should be productive spaces where teams can share, collaborate and present work and ideas with flair and ease. But often we arrive for meetings to find rooms occupied or under-equipped.

It’s great having a quick chat on the fly, but sometimes you need to get everyone in a room. Match your modern, mobile workforce with meeting spaces equipped for remote workers, on-site team, partners and customers.

  • Smart meeting — high quality video meetings, total interoperability, flexible deployments.
  • Work from Home — enrich and intensify the meeting experience with headset and webcam bundles
  • Connect from Work — do more with less that enables everyone to meet, irrespective of meeting room technology and device.
  • Teach from Anywhere — teach and learn from home or teach from the classroom to students anywhere.
  • Remote Health - secure, reliable video visits and consultations for healthcare providers and patients

How does it work?

Communication is part of Ricoh’s heritage and is even more critical in today’s modern workplace. We’re experts designing, integrating, and supporting smart meeting and communication solutions. We can keep your customers, staff and partners connected so your business can get the most from group video meetings, content sharing, chat, scheduling, app intuitive controls, dashboard management, live streaming and recording across today’s typical platforms and devices. Our experience is that Communication is the key to business continuation.

How is it implemented?

We work closely with you to understand your business objective and the technology to match. Once we know a little more about your business and your IT, we design a configurable solution tailored to fit your business day.

Connect and collaborate

When work can be anywhere, an open flow of information is crucial. Unlock a better business day where agile workforces connect to get things done.

Throughout our engagement, we provide full project, service and change management assistance as you implement your enhanced meeting room infrastructure. With meeting facilities that are attuned to the actual requirements of your employees, you can benefit from higher productivity, as well as potentially freeing up additional space for the rest of your operations.

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