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IT Infrastructure Services

Ricoh's IT services provide a comprehensive technical foundation to support high-performing, cost-efficient IT infrastructure, with the flexibility to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and types.


Our customers rely on us to provide consistent support for their IT, communications, imaging and networked device infrastructure. Our dedicated team, supported by a network of skilled service engineers combined with Ricoh’s industry-leading technology, provides the expertise and innovation to support long-term strategic advantage through IT, with the manpower for consistent, proactive maintenance and swift on-site support for even the largest deployments.


With Ricoh’s proven track record of enhancing the technology that underpins business operations, you can stay focused on your core activities with the confidence that our team is committed to ensuring the performance of your IT infrastructure and helping you get maximum value from your investment.  


An overview of Ricoh’s full-fledged IT Services

Ricoh’s Solutions for IT Services


Ricoh can provide complete support for your IT infrastructure needs – a collection of physical or virtual resources that supports an overall IT environment:  server, storage and network components – of large and international organizations.


Together with our team of IT experts, we will evaluate your existing IT environment and identify potential improvements, provide recommendations and solutions to meet your existing IT needs, and help create an IT infrastructure that improves business agility, support business change and reduce cost.


Customized to meet your business needs and goals, Ricoh provides targeted, efficient software that complement your existing capabilities to improve your productivity. Whether it is a requirement for office application in terms of Words processing, spreadsheet management to business processes in the scope of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or as simple as Document Management, Ricoh’s team of software experts will be able to address your requirements.


As we progress with technology, IT hardware requirements are getting more and more demanding. It is no longer feasible to keep adding hardware on top of hardware. With the technology of virtualization, you can now deploy as many Virtual Machines (VM) as your business requires, with the same amount of physical hardware. With help of a powerful virtualization, you can run different applications on the same server simultaneously without a hitch. It offers greater control and security at various levels which becomes desirable for larger organizations dealing with sensitive information.


Virtualization also benefits organizations who are looking forward to going Green with Green IT initiatives.


With our reliable technology and support, you can increase productivity with high accessibility to information at your fingertips and provide a better work-life balance for your employees by enabling a more flexible, mobile workstyle through Cloud computing. With an agreed service level of systems’ uptime and guaranteed availability, you will never face a situation where information is unavailable as you travel, files become inaccessible when you are at home and system is down when there is an IT maintenance.  Your existing IT environment is easily integrated through the largest network of secure private connections, hybrid database and storage solutions, and data residency and encryption features — so your assets stay right where you need them. 


One of the keys to keep business moving is having effective communications within your organization anytime, anywhere. With a wide range of network enabled products, ranging from projectors, interactive whiteboards, unified communication systems, IP telephony systems to mobile applications, Ricoh enables you to establish effective and efficient collaboration within your operations without incurring expensive travelling and call costs, while streamlining the process of sourcing, delivering, managing and supporting your audio and visual communications environment.  


You can rely on our expertise to help you determine the right solutions to meet your specific communications needs, while streamlining the process of sourcing, delivering, managing and supporting your audio and visual communications environment.  


Ricoh can provide an initial consultative assessment of your current IT situation, helping you determine the optimal support configuration for your organization.


Throughout the contract lifecycle, we are committed to the continuous optimization of your IT infrastructure and the support we deliver. Our consultants will conduct regular assessments of your IT performance and the changing requirements of your organization to ensure we continue to deliver optimal support.


Ricoh’s Power Office offers a choice of two packages for your IT that can cover PC, server and network devices – PLUS and TOTAL.



PLUS provides cost-effective and reliable monitoring and support services for your existing PC, server and/or network infrastructure.


Ricoh proactively ensures that your existing hardware and software is maintained and supported.



In addition to the monitoring and support included in PLUS, our TOTAL package delivers new PC, server and/or network equipment to your organization for a transparent, predictable service charge.


This provides a simple, effective way to upgrade and standardize your IT to ensure optimal performance, without the need for upfront capital investment or in-house technical expertise.


As your business continues to grow and more network-connected wired and wireless devices are deployed to improve workforce productivity, securing business communications, sensitive information, and financial transactions involves much more than network access control. It requires scanning for malware, preventing access to malicious websites, endpoint integrity checking, and controlling application usage.


Prevention is definitely better than cure. Ricoh can help strengthen information security across your operations and infrastructure, from your print fleet and the IT in your offices. You will be assured to perform business critical processes with complete peace of mind. 

Why Ricoh?

IT at the heart of business
We understand the important role IT plays in supporting our customers’ operations, and are committed to addressing the challenges they face.

Support for the complete IT environment
We provide a comprehensive range of on-premise and cloud-based IT support services, overseen by our industry-renowned Service Desk resources.

The Ricoh Difference
Learn more about the unique values that underpin our successful track record of supporting information processes, and ensure our IT services are second-to-none.